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Chorley Wood, 28 March 2015

DK Engineering held their annual Showcase Day on Saturday 28 March, and despite leaden skies, a large number of clients and friends turned up in Ferraris and other exotic sports cars, making the parking area adjacent to their Chorley Wood premises almost as inviting as the displays within. Fortunately the weather remained dry if rather chilly, due to a stiff breeze, and everybody was able to enjoy the cars, the ambience and hospitality without recourse to umbrellas.

The name of the day speaks for itself, it is to show the breadth of their services, from minor servicing, through major mechanical rebuilds, race preparation, to full restorations, together with acquisition advice and sales.

All aspects of their activities were on view throughout the day, the restoration shop featuring a trio of freshly painted Ferrari body shells, comprising of a 275 GTS, 275 GTB4 and a 365 GTC, all either in the process of refitting of components, or awaiting them. The main workshop displays included a 250 GT SWB California Spider ready to go for repainting, and then on to the restoration shop to be reunited with its components. There was also a 500 TR Spider, which they had just completed restoring and was just awaiting completion of its engine rebuild, a McLaren F1 road car and a 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, whilst just across the way the Dynamometer Shop demonstrations were being held.

Apart from the Ferraris already mentioned, there was a wide variety of models both on display and in the parking areas, including at least eight F40s, one of which was a GT specification conversion, and another was in the colourful livery in which it raced in the Italian Supercar GT Championship in 1993/94. There was also a sextet of 599 GTOs spread around the buildings and parking areas, in a variety of colour combinations. Cars, other than Ferraris, that were on display included a variety of Porsches including a menacing black 918 Spyder and a rare RS 4.0, a BMW i8, an AC Cobra, a McLaren F1 road car, Mercedes-Benz 300 SLs in Roadster and “Gullwing” forms, plus a 190 SL, a MG Metro 6R4 rally car, and Lamborghinis in the form of a Miura and Murcielago.

A Selection of the Cars in Attendance and on Display
Model Colour Chassis #
Dino 246 GTS Dark Blue Metallic 07256
500 TR Red 0614MDTR
250 GT PF Coupe Red 1725GT
250 GT SWB Berlinetta Red 2807GT
250 GT SWB California Bare Metal 3119GT
275 GTS White 06889
275 GTB Yellow 07045
275 GTS Red 07049
275 GTB (Alloy) Silver
08055 275 GTB/4 Light Blue Metallic
09401 330 GTC Silver
09459 275 GTB/4 Silver
10285 330 GTC Red
10975 365 GTC Dark Blue Metallic
12773 365 GTB/4 Yellow 16919
GTO (288) Red 54211
F40 Red 78776
F40 Red 79284
F40 Red 80747
F40 Red 80759
F40 Red 80860
F40 GT Conv’ Red 83931
F40 “Brummel” Red-Blue 85690
F40 Red 91517
575 Superamerica Grey Metallic 146157
599 GTO Yellow-Black 173809
599 GTO Red Met’-Black 175376
599 GTO Black-Yellow Stripe 175972
599 GTO Grey Matt 177781
599 GTO Red-Black 179433
599 GTO Black-Grey Stripe 180519

Keith Bluemel

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