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Cernobbio, 22nd - 24th of May, 2015

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Class G – GT man has arrived. Interpretations of opulence

As mentioned before this year concours took the theme well into the 1970s and class G was one of these classes. Whereas many of the convertibles and coupes of the previous eras featured some sportive genes the cars of this class featured a more luxurious approach to the theme.

The two winners of the class could not be more different, on one side the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Convertible and on the other side the Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona. Unlike the previous models the Daytona was not a race car in the common sense anymore apart from some specially developed Competition versions but a more refined cruiser taking the design from Pininfarina into the 1970s.

The rival of Ferrari in the 1960s in the GT class was also Aston Martin and just like Ferrari developed more into the luxurious market Aston did as well. Originally designed by Touring the DB4 started the GT line highlighted by the DB5 as known from the James Bond movies. Presenter Simon Kidston introduced the car at Como as “James Bond on holidays” as the DB5 was also produced in a convertible version. Today on of the rarest Astons the DB5 was the last car before the name “Volante” was introduced for the open versions.

One of the strangest car in Como was the Panther Six of 1976. In this F1 season the Tyrell P34 surprised the world with the 6-wheel concept that was also shown on this design study of Panther featuring a huge 600hp engine and a top speed of 320 km/h. Apparently two examples were built and the car in Como was surrounded by many people all day long.

A little bit less exciting was the Rolls-Royce Camargue, the coupé was certainly well in the theme of the luxurious GT cars but not few did not really see a concours car in its lines.

Class H – How fast is fast enough, mid and rear-engined supercars from the disco era

What was shown in the earlier years of Formula 1 with the revolution from the front to the rear-engined design started in the sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s as well.

The first car arguable called supercar by the press was the Lamborghini Miura SV that should change the way people see a sportscar. The low Bertone designed V12 defined the sports car for the years to come. Up to the present day Lamborghini is the more aggressive opponent of Ferrari based on the vision of Ferruccio Lamborghini to compete against the prancing horse. Without the race heritage the former tractor manufacturer had to impress the enthusiasts with a more radical approach to the theme and today the Miura is one of the most iconic cars of its era. The appearance of Lamborghini in the 1970s is also underlined by the colours usually seen on these cars, many of them in bright yellow, light green or orange contrasting the common Italian red. The Miura on display was a final SV version and shown first at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971 and a very rare right hand example and the deserving winner of the class.

Following the Miura was the even more radical design of the Countach. The early LP400 was the purest of the designs before spoilers were added in the later versions. Named after the position of its engine (longitudinale postoriore = longitudinal rearward) the LP400 has become a real collectors car in recent years showing the interest of the market in the 1970s sports cars. This can also be seen by the Porsche 911 2.7 RS with the “ducktail”, the spoiler characteristic for this version of the 911. Just as the Countach the 2.7 RS just hit the Million Dollar at the recent auctions.

But certainly BMW did show one of their own creations as well as the M1 perfectly fits into this category. Although not as exotic as the Countach the M1 became famous as a race version in the pro series when famous racers drove against each other in the single marque race class.

The class was rounded off by the AMX/3 by Bizzarrini.

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