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The 3rd edition of the Lions Historic took its participants along the winding roads of Belgium’s Tournaisis region between Brussels and Lille.

More than 100 classic cars gathered for the start at the Chateau L’Hermitage in the French town of Condé sur l’Escaut.
Among the many Jaguar XK’s, Porsche 356 and Austin Healey’s there was also some rare machinery !
Like the 1949 HW Alta (NPA 5) ex George abecassis which just returned from Italie where it participated in the Mille Miglia. A Cooper-Climax T39 “Bobtail” is not a regular sight in a road rally ! 5 times Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro drove this car in the 2010 Madgwick Cup at Goodwood.
Top Japanese classic sportscar Toyota 2000GT’s are always rare but this is the rarest of them all being the only Targa.
Maybe not the rarest but probably the prettiest is the Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider.

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Text&Images Steven Vandeputte www.ferrari-world.be