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Bassano 16th - 19th of June 2011

The Dolomites are the location for several classic car rallies during the season but the most important ones should be the Coppa d´Oro delle Dolomiti in September and the Mitiche Sport a Bassano in June. Since 1995 the ASSI Club (Auto sportive storiche italiane) organizes this fantastic event for open sport cars built prior 1960 and what started with a small selection of 36 cars back then became a well known event among the owners of these “barchettas”.

The scrutineering starts on Thursday afternoon in the small village Romano d´Ezzelino near the name giving Bassano del Grappa and when arriving on Friday morning at the small yard behind historic buildings several cars are already parked there over the night, the others come in during the morning hours. 105 cars where entered this year varying from small Erminis, Morettis, OSCAs to very sportive Ferraris and Maseratis on the Italian side and ACs, Lotus and Healeys on the British side. As many of these cars were seen in the past at the Mille Miglia it is obvious that some owners go for these more familiar events as the MM became to commercial.

On the pre-war side a few Alfa Romeo 6Cs showed up, Amilcars, MG and Aston Martin and traditionally this event is visited by the Benjafield Racing Club so some huge Bentleys could be seen between all the tiny two-seaters. What they all have in common is the lack of a hard top as mentioned above and so it was no surprise that some entered cars where missing due to the not very positive weather forecast for the following days.

Just after the lunch buffet and the typical Italian espresso under the trees the entrants were waived off by Maria Teresa de Fillippis for the first leg of 150 km north to Alleghe. As Bassano del Grappa is in the south of the Dolomites in the region of Venezia the first leg is very much a liaison to the playground of the next day: the mountain passes. The route leads through the vineyards of the region constantly going up as about 900 meters of altitude have to be done from the level of the start to the finish. When entering the Dolomites the scenery became more steep, an impression that was also enhanced as the rain set in. The last miles over the Passo Staulanza gave a good idea what to expect the next day. With most of the cars having no weather protection at all the general outfit was a rain suit and helmet, the Bentley Boys lived up to their reputation keeping the hood down even in heaviest rain. The cars arrived in the early evening at Alleghe where the last time trial had to be done before the cars were parked in the nearby underground parking lot of the hotel.

The next morning started in the dry but a view on the surrounding mountains in the clouds already showed that this should not last for long. The first section was a very narrow canyon that usually is just visited by hiker but that is a superb location for the classic cars as nothing modern distracts the sight. After a timed trial at Alba the tour led over the Passes of Sella and Gardena to the Passo Falzarego with its harsh rocks on the side of the road.

On time for the lunch at San Vigilio di Marebbe the rain set in and with no prospect of improvement it was a challenge to leave the warm restaurant to do another 100 miles in the pouring rain in an open sports car. When arriving at the lake Misurina the other side of the lake was barely visible due to the deep clouds and at the following Passo Tre Croci the surrounding mountains were not either. After passing Cortina d´Ampezzo the cars drove through the famous tunnel that is on many historic pictures of the original Coppa d´Oro delle Dolomiti, on the following Passo Giau it clouded up even more and the visibility was reduced to several meters. The cars passed again the lake of Alleghe with another timed trial before heading south again for the final miles for the finish in San Martino di Castrozza. On their way down they had to go over the Passo Rolle in heaviest rain and when asked in the hotel on of the participants commented this as “Passo Rolle was inferno”.

Weather can change very fast in the mountains and so at the next morning the sun was out again and a blue sky without any clouds made the impressions of the last day even more unreal. The third stage again is more a way back to Bassano with not many highlights beside the road and after the coffee break the cars were displayed at the Piazza in front of the church San Giovanni Battista at Bassano del Grappa after passing the old town through a wooden bridge. Being an inherent part of the event year by year this display is admired by many visitors making it once more obvious that Italy is car fanatic but the rest of the event is much more private than others. Compared to the MM just few people are beside the road and not many cars are driving with the convoy except a few cars of the organization and service. So this is a event to join if you are more into driving your car than showing off. The final is the lunch and the prize giving at the restaurant in the Castello Superiore where the cars are parked within the old walls overseeing the region.

As this is a regularity event with the old fashioned pressure tubes there surely has to be a winner, this year the Team Riboldi/Riboldi did a better job than anyone else on their Moretti 508S taking first overall. But at the end all the participants who braved the rain on Saturday could be satisfied with the event and most of them will be back the next year to meet up in a hopefully better weather.

Text&images: Peter Singhof

Entry List
Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano (2011-06-28)
001 Bentley 3/ 4.1/2 1923 Collins/Nivaldo (Uk)
002 Bentley 3 Litre 1925 S/N 1094 Patron/Balbo (It)
003 Amilcar Cgss Compressore 1926 Jolly (Ch)
004 Bugatti T 37 A 1926 S/N 37113 Berg/Berg (Se)
005 Amilcar Cgss 1927 Jolly/Rauter (Ch)
006 Amilcar Cgss 1927 Ripamonti/Cambie (It)
007 Amilcar Cgss 1927 Fiorentini/Passeri (It)
008 Bugatti T 37 A 1927 Piantelli/Montaldi (It)
009 Bentley 3 Ltre 1927 Steele (Uk)
010 Bentley 4.1/2 Open Tourer 1928 S/N Xl3120 Godehardt/Staam (D)
011 Mercedes 720 Ssk 1928 S/N 35349 Bauer/Bauer (D)
012 Alfa Romeo 6c 1500 Ss 1929s/N 0312872 Papoulias/Papoulias (Gr)
013 De Coucy Competition 1927 Beringer (D)
014 Alfa Romeo 6c 1750 Ss 1929 S/N 0312902 Pilenga (It)
015 Bentley 4. 1/2 Le Mans 1929 Boller/Stoop (Ch)
016 Bentley Speed Six 1929 Mcguire/Doke (Irl)
018 Riley Brooklands 1930 Ferraro/Flenghi (It)
019 Alfa Romeo 6c 1750 Gs Zagato 1930 Buxton/Richardson (Uk)
020 Lagonda Team Car D12 1930 Laqueur/Laqueur (B)
021 Aston Martin Lm 7 International 1931 Piantelli/Tedesco (It)
022 Alfa Romeo 6c 1750 Gs Zagato 1931 S/N 10814.. San Giorgi/Von Hoppe (B)
023 Lagonda 2 Ltr Low Chassis 1931 Voeten/Voeten (B)
024 Bentley 8 Liter Open Tourer 1931 Godehardt/Weigand (D)
025 Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Touring 1932 Handlbauer/Handlbauer (A)
026 Bmw 507 1958 S/N 70108 Handlbauer (A)
027 Fiat 508 Sport 1933 Atti/Gozzi (It)
028 Aston Martin Le Mans 1933 Suter/Gobel (Ch)
029 Aston Martin Le Mans Special 1933 Redaelli/Varotto (It)
030 Alfa Romeo 6c1750 Gs Touring 1933 S/N 121215043 Fonte/Fonte (Usa)
031 Mg Pa 1934 Redaelli/Azzoni (It)
032 Morgan Three Wheeler S.S. 1934 Loesch (It)
033 Lagonda Piardi/Piardi (It)
034 Aston Martin Mk Ii 2/4 - S 1934 S/N E4/438/S Johanknegt/Vehmeyer (Nl)
035 Lagonda M 45 Le Mans 1934 Eppstein/Eppstein (D)
036 Singer Le Mans 1935 De Munno/Lupo (It)
037 Fiat 508 S 1935 Baccanelli/Gache (Arg)
038 Riley Special Di Paolo/La Terza (It)
039 Morettini 508 S 1936 Riboldi/Riboldi (It)
040 Giannini Sport 1937 Gobbi/Piardi (It)
041 Carnevalli Fiat 508 C Sport 1937 Sonvico (It)
042 Riley Sprite 1937 Emmerling/Emmerling (F)
043 Alfa Romeo Pescara Spider 1937 Schmid/Schmid (D)
044 Bmw 328 1938 Cavalieri/Canale (It)
045 Jaguar Ss 100 1938 Mueller/Furrer (Ch)
046 H.R.G. Aerodinamic 1939 Mazzola/Poggi (It)
048 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Super Sport 1939 S/N 915165 Tauscher/Schmid (D)
049 Lagonda Special 1939 Solano/Solano (Usa )
050 Lea Francis Sport Cowel 14 Hp 1946 Roma/Ider (It)
051 H.R.G. 1100 Sport 1947 Stevanato/Michieletto (It)
052 Bandini Siluro Sport 1947 Chersevani/Zanatta (It)
053 Motto Fiat 1100 Sport 1948 Nicolis/Manzini (It)
054 Mg Tc 1948 Burri/Burri (Ch)
055 Paganelli Lancia Sport 1948 Menza/Nicotra (It)
056 Ortolani Sport 1949 Fasciolo/Massucco (It)
058 Healey Silverstone 1950 Marchi/Coronon (It)
059 Colli Sport 1951 Bricchetti (It)
060 Aston Martin Db 3/1 1951 Martegani (It)
062 O.S.C.A. Mt4 1952 Grasselli/Tartaglione (It)
063 Siata 300 Bc 1952 Carlini/Jennings (Ch)
064 O.S.C.A. Mt4 2ad1952 Shraga/Shraga (Il)
065 Allard J2x 1952 Bettati/Rossi (It)
066 Jaguar C Type 1953 Finburgh/Finburgh (Uk)
067 Jaguar Xk 120 C Barou 1953 Techel/Techel (D)
068 Ferrari 340 Mm 1953 Crippa/Crippa (It)
069 Moretti 750 Tdm Sport 1954 Tintori/Forlani (It)
070 Arnolt Bristol Bolide 1954 Schoendorf/Spadaro (Usa)
071 O.S.C.A. 2000 S 1954 Reiss (D)
072 Arnolt Bristol Bolide 1954 Olivini (It)
073 Lister Bristol Sport 1954 Wood/Mcguire (Sc)
074 Maserati A6gcs 1954 S/N 2080 Boglioli/Pezzia (It)
075 Maserati 250s 1954 Prevosti (It)
076 Austin Healey 100 M 1954 Simonetto/Gale (It)
077 Ferrari 750 Monza 1954 Brevini/Tazzioli (It)
078 Ferrari 250 Monza 1954 S/N 0442m Prevosti/Marcon (It)
079 Moretti Sport 1955 Bompani/Scapinelli (It)
080 Nardi Sport 1955 Brunori/Brunori (It)
081 Ermini Sport Competiz. 1955 Mortari/De Santis (It)
084 Ac Ace 1955 Franzi/Franzi (It)
085 Ferrari 750 Monza 1955 Scalvenzi/Girelli (It)
087 Jaguar D-Type Linx 1955 Morigi/Galassi (Ch)
089 Stanga Sport 1956 Aime/Aime (It)
090 Lotus 11 Eleven 1956 Albertini/Albertini (It)
091 Lotus Eleven 1956 Nalli/Nalli (It)
093 O.S.C.A. Mt4 2ad 1956 Calmonte/Calmonte (It)
094 Maserati A6gcs 1956 Berton/Garzaro (It)
095 Ferrari 500 Tr 1956 Pelizziari (It)
096 Maserati 200s 1956 S/N 2406 Alberoni/Zuanon (It)
097 Deleval Sport Speciale 1956 Simionato/Pellizzari (It)
098 Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans 1956 Strata (It)
099 O.S.C.A. 750 S 1957 Adamoli/Adamoli (It)
100 Elva Mk Ii Bobtail 1957 Faggioli/Mingozzi (It)
101 Lotus  Eleven  1957 Giuliani/Codello (It)
102 Devin  Mga Type Monza  1957 Ostinet/Da Ros (It)
103 Porsche  550 A Rs  1957 Ferracin/Dazzan (It)
104 Ac  Ace Bristol  1957 Molinari/Stoisa (Arg)
105 Ac  Ace Bristol  1957 Vorenkamp/Vorenkamp (Uk)
106 Ac  Bristol  1957 Carlini/Martignoni (Ch )
107 Bukler  Dd2 - Climax  1959 Jocher/Jocher (D)
108 Ac  Ace Bristol  1959 Childe Freeman/Childe Freeman (Uk)