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“Vernasca Silver Flag” is not really a hill climb as there’s no time keeping. It’s more a car show where you can see some of the most exciting road and race cars driven on a closed road between Castell’Arquato and Vernasca in Italy.

Every year the event is starring a different manufacturer. Last year it was Abarth, and this year was dedicated to Ferrari. Around 20 Ferrari from 125 S to 512 M were entered. Ferrari Classiche was there, showing three cars: the 125S reconstruction, the 166 F2 and a 121 LM coming from Austria. Other interesting entries were 375 MM 0382AM, also from Austria, and the blue/red 500 TRC 0696MDTR of Gabriele Artom.

Apart from the Ferraris, many other high ends cars were there, including an Alfa Romeo TZ2, a Serenissima Jet Competizione, some Porsche (550, 910, 956…) and many Abarth.

During the entire weekend and for the three runs from Castell’Arquato to Vernasca the sun was shining and magnifying beauty of the cars’ bodies. With the charming countryside of Italy as background it was a treat for the eyes - and for photographers.

Text & Photos: Thomas Quintin