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Goodwood, 16 – 18 September 2011
The 14th running of the Goodwood Revival Meeting was blessed with a mixture of sunshine and showers, the heaviest being a torrential downpour during the RAC TT Celebration Race on the Sunday afternoon. Friday’s qualifying practice sessions were held in fine conditions on a warm late summer’s day, whilst the forecast poor weather for Saturday didn’t really materialise, with only some early light rain. The forecast for Sunday was supposedly good, but it proved to be wide of the mark, as the skies blackened on the horizon at lunchtime; the calm before the storm. However, even the rain didn’t deter large numbers from braving it out until it had passed, to maximise the special atmosphere generated by the Revival Meeting, whatever the weather.
There was a fifteen race programme over the Saturday and Sunday, with a multitude of peripheral activities, like the fairground, historic vehicle displays, a Bonhams auction, an expansive vendor area including a retro Tesco supermarket, the Earls Court Motor Show, the March Motor Works showrooms and garages, the air displays, the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours, the numerous “theatre acts”, or just people watching, with vast numbers of attendees dressing to “look the part” in period clothing and military uniforms etc, the list is virtually endless. Add in celebrations of the centenary of Ford manufacturing in Britain, and a tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, celebrating the centenary of his birth and the sixtieth anniversary of his first F1 win, with display parades on the track. There was also a new for 2011 Scrambles Trophy at Lavant Corner, featuring motocross action throughout the weekend, whilst in the sky there were regular exciting aerobatic displays by Supermarine Spitfires, so it can be seen that there was a diverse selection of activities to suit almost any taste.
As usual, there was a spectacular array of cars and motorcycles making up the fifteen race grids, together with a host of star drivers from both the era of the original racing on the Goodwood circuit, and a number of current drivers, including Audi star driver, and eight times Le Mans 24 Hour Race winner, Tom Kristensen, back for the second year in succession. He swapped his Audi R18 TDI for a Lotus Cortina in part one of the St Mary’s Trophy race, in which he finished 3rd, bettering this with a win in the RAC TT Celebration Race, with a win partnered by Kenny Brack, in a Cobra Daytona Coupe, ahead of Martin Brundle/Mark Hales in Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO and Joe Colasacco/Derek Hill in the Maserati Tipo 151. The list of drivers participating actually read like a motor racing “Who’s Who”, as there were so many famous names from all aspects of the sport in the entry list. Apart from those already mentioned, there were the likes of Jackie Oliver, Richard Attwood, David Piper, Arturo Merzario, Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, Nicolas Minassian, Vern Schuppan, Brian Redman, Eddie Cheever, and Emanuele Pirro, in no particular order, and to name but a few! Although Sir Stirling Moss has officially retired from racing, he drove his 1961 TT winning Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta on the parade lap for the RAC TT Celebration Race, to rapturous applause from the crowds all around the track.
Amongst all the well known multi-million pound machinery, like the trio of Ferrari 250 GTOs and no less than seven 250 GT SWB berlinettas, including the famous “Breadvan”, plus a spectacular Maserati Tipo 151 in the RAC TT Celebration Race, there were also some very interesting rarely seen cars within the various grids. In the Richmond Trophy race there was a trio of Aston Martin DBR4 F1 cars, unfortunately the one of Hubert Fabri came to a sticky end, with front and rear damage in the race, while another who came to grief was Gerhard Berger in the qualifying practice for the TT Celebration when he lost Grahame Bryant’s AC Cobra on an oil patch, ending up in the tyre wall, which rendered the car out of action for the weekend. He had better luck in the Fordwater Trophy Race, specifically for Jaguar E-Types,, finishing 2nd in the example that he shared with Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey, with the race win eluding them by less than 2secs, after being quickest in qualifying practice. The St Mary’s Trophy Race for 1960 – 1965 saloon cars, had a great variety of different models, ranging from Mini Coopers, through a Fiat Abarth 1000 TC, a Renault R8 Gordini, an Isuzu Bellett, a Saab 96, a Chevrolet Corvair Corsa, BMWs, Ford Anglia and Lotus Cortinas to a pair of rumbling Ford Galaxy 500s.
Despite the best efforts of the weather to spoil the party, the “Spirit of Goodwood” prevailed, people may have gone home a bit soggy, but they still went home happy. There is certainly no other historic race meeting that captures the feel and atmosphere of a bygone era like the Goodwood Revival Meeting.
Text Keith Bluemel
Images Peter Singhof www.ClassicCarPhotography.de

Goodwood Revival (2011-10-03)
001 Renault 8 Gordini  Nicolas MINASSIAN/Rae DAVIS
003 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE  Brian REDMAN/Stewart IMBER
004 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT  Vern SCHUPPAN/Marco CAJANI
006 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT  Jochen MASS/Geoff TURRAL
007 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint  Patrick WATTS/Tony MURRAY
008 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Super  Michael BARTELS/Robert BARRIE
009 Austin Mini Cooper S  Claudia HURTGEN/Jeorg WEIDLINGER
010 BMW 1800 TiSA  Andy PRIAULX/Herbert DEISS
011 BMW 1800 TiSA  Eddie CHEEVER/Richard POSTINS
012 Fiat Abarth 1000 TC  Arturo MERZARIO/Mauro BORELLA
014 Ford Anglia 105E  Tiff NEEDELL/Nigel HULME
015 Ford Galaxie 500  Barrie WILLIAMS/Michael STEELE
016 Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1  Emanuele PIRRO/Kevin KIVLOCHAN
017 Ford Galaxie 500  Paul RADISICH/James WOOD
018 Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1  Richard ATTWOOD/Henry MANN
019 Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1  Tom KRISTENSEN/Prince JOACHIM
020 Isuzu Bellett  Robbie KERR/Marc BEVINGTON
022 Morris Mini Cooper S  Rob HUFF/Desmond SMAIL
023 Morris Mini Cooper S  Darren TURNER/Nick SWIFT
028 Saab 96 Sport  Stig BLOMQVIST/Anders JENSEN
036 Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA  Alec POOLE/Tim DUTTON
041 Austin Mini Cooper S  Rauno AALTONEN
067 Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA  Tony JARDINE/Bill WYKEHAM
069 Jaguar Mk2  John CLELAND/Peter BURTON
070 Ford Galaxie 500 Martin BRUNDLE/Bill SHEPHERD
071 Ford Cortina GT  Derek BELL/Joe Allenby-Byrne
086 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa  Rupert KEEGAN/Bruce CHAPMAN
100 BMW 1800 TiSA  Jackie OLIVER/Richard SHAW
124 Jaguar Mk2  Anthony REID/Nigel WEBB

01 Alfa Romeo 3000 'Disco Volante  Christopher MANN
01 Alfa Romeo 308C s/n 308.79 Julian MAJZUB
01 Alta  Will NUTHALL
01 Aston Martin DBR1 s/n DBR1/2 Bobby VERDON-ROE
01 Brabham-Climax BT11  Roy WALZER
01 Chinook-Chevrolet Mk2  Jay ESTERER
01 Cooper-Ford T59   Jon MILICEVIC
01 Kieft-Norton CK5  Nigel ASHMAN
01 Lotus-Ford 23B  Michael GANS
02 AC Cobra  HALL-MASS
02 Alfa Romeo Tipo 158/9 'Alfetta' s/n 159.107 Carlo VOGELE
02 Allard J2  Patrick WATTS
02 Aston Martin DBR1 s/n DBR1/5 Wolfgang FRIEDRICHS
02 Aston Martin DBR4 s/n DBR4/2 John CLARK
02 Comet-JAP Mk1   James GRAY
02 Crossle-Ford Mk7S  Mark HALES
02 Elva-BMW Mk8  Roger WILLS
02 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  s/n 850216 SCRAGG-WILKINSON
02 Lola-Ford Mk5A  Philipp BUHOFER
02 Lotus-BRM 24  Nigel WILLIAMS
03 Alexis-Ford Mk4  Stuart ROACH
03 Alfa Romeo Tipo B s/n 50007 Tony SMITH
03 Allard J2R  Tim LLEWELLYN
03 Bobsy-Ford SR2  Graham COWELL
03 Connaught A-type  Michael MILLIGAN
03 Cooper-JAP Mk100  Olle LINDE
03 Ferrari 250 LM s/n 6045 Jeremy COTTINGHAM
03 Jaguar E-type  MINSHAW-WILLIAMS
03 Maserati Tipo 151 s/n 151.006 COLASACCO-HILL
04 AC Cobra Le Mans Coupé  MONTEVERDE-OLIVER
04 Brabham-Climax BT8  Peter HARBURG
04 Brabham-Ford BT14  Matthew NEWMAN
04 Brabham-Ford BT2  Jens RAUSCHEN
04 Cooper-Bristol Mk1 T20  Nick EDEN
04 Cunningham C4R  Ben SHUCKBURGH
04 Ferrari 246S Dino s/n 784 Nick LEVENTIS
04 Ford GT40  Diogo FERRAO
04 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  s/n 850020 BRONSON-CLUBB
04 Maserati 8CM s/n 3011 Robert NEWALL
04 Staride-JAP Mk3  Darrell WOODS
05 Alta 'Norris Special'  Colin WARRINGTON
05 Aston Martin DB3S s/n DB3S/112 Ross WARBURTON
05 Aston Martin DB4GT s/n DB4GT/0133/L ALEXANDER-HORNER
05 Aston Martin DBR4 s/n DBR4/1 Wolfgang FRIEDRICHS
05 Brabham-Ford BT5  Tony BIANCHI
05 Brabham-Ford BT6  Pier Enrico TONETTI
05 BRM P261  Scotty TAYLOR
05 Cooper-JAP Mk11  Paul HEWES
05 Ferrari 250 TR57  David COOKE
05 Ford GT40  Adrian NEWEY
05 Jaguar E-type FHC  ADAMS-HUGHES
05 Matchless G50 Len Haggis/Iain Duffus
06 AC Cobra Le Mans Coupé  LYNN-WILSON
06 Aston Martin DBR1 s/n DBR1/4 Adrian BEECROFT
06 Aston Martin DBR4 s/n DBR4/4 Hubert FABRI
06 Austin Healey 100S  Peter THORNTON
06 Brabham-Climax BT7 James KING
06 Brabham-Ford BT6  Tony SIMMONS
06 Bugatti Type 54  Tim DUTTON
06 Cooper-JAP Mk4  Gilbert LENOIR
06 Elva-BMW Mk7S  Paul SMEETH
06 Ford GT40 s/n 1025 Shaun LYNN
06 Matchless G50 Karl-Heinz Kalbfell/Mark Parrett
07 Aston Martin DB4GT s/n DB4GT/0127/R DRAYSON-TURNER
07 Branca-Ford 63  Tommaso GELMINI
07 BRM P57  Neil TOLICH
07 BRM Type 258  Gary PEARSON
07 Bugatti Type 73C  Geraint LEWIS
07 Chinook-Chevrolet Mk2  Ray BOISSONEAU
07 Cooper-Jaguar T33  Nick WIGLEY
07 Cooper-Norton Mk8  Nigel CHALLIS
07 Elva-Ford Mk7  Joe TWYMAN
07 Jaguar D-type 'long-nose' s/n XKD502 Fabien SARRAILH
07 Jaguar E-type FHC  HALL-O'SHEA
08 BRM Type 25   Anthony DITHERIDGE
08 Cooper-Ford T59  Stephen SMITH
08 ERA B-type R5B 'Remus'  Charles McCABE
08 Ferrari 156 'sharknose'15 s/n “0002” Jan BIEKENS
08 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta s/n 0056M Gerrie VAN ZYL
08 Ford GT40  Christopher STAHL
08 Jaguar D-type s/n XKD406 Lukas HUNI
08 Jaguar E-type FHC s/n 860953 RUTT-SUGDEN
08 Martin-Norton  Roy HUNT
08 Matchless G50 John Leigh Pemberton/Scott Smart
08 Sunbeam Lister Tiger  BEIGHTON-WATT
09 Aston Martin Project 212 s/n DP212/1 CLARK-FRIEDRICHS
09 Cooper-JAP Mk4  Shirley MONRO
09 Elfin-Ford Catalina  Bill HEMMING
09 ERA D-type R4D  J Mac HULBERT
09 Ford GT40  Joaquín FOLCH-RUSINOL
09 Jaguar C-type s/n XKC 042 Stephen SKIPWORTH
09 Jaguar D-type  Jonathan TURNER
09 Jaguar E-type lightweight s/n S850666 MONTEVERDE-OLIVER
09 Lotus-Ford 23B  Jim MORRIS
09 Matchless G50 Tim Jackson/Alan Cathcart
10 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato  s/n DB4GT/0182/R BEECROFT-DRON
10 Connaught C-type  Nick WIGLEY
10 Cooper-Norton Mk5  Mike FOWLER
10 Elva-BMW Mk7S  Mike MALONE
10 ERA E-type GP1  Duncan RICKETTS
10 Ferrari 250 MM s/n 0298MM David FRANKLIN
10 Ford GT40 Prototype  Richard MEINS
10 Gemini-Ford Mk4  Oliver CROSTHWAITE
10 Jaguar D-types/n XKD530  Rob HALL
10 Jaguar E-type lightweight  s/n S850006 PIRRO-WILSON
10 MV Augusta 500/3 Mick Grant/Gary Johnson
11 Aston Martin Project 214 s/n DB4GT/0194/R DRAPER-GRAHAM
11 Brabham-BRM BT11  John MONSON
11 Cooper-Alta T24  David CLEWLEY
11 Effyh-JAP 500DT  Per HAGEMAN
11 Elva-BMW Mk8  Paul KNAPFIELD
11 Hamill-Chevrolet SR3  Chris CHILES
11 Jaguar E-type lightweight s/n S850668 HAMILTON PETERS-WHITTEN
11 Lister-Jaguar 'Knobbly'  Shaun LYNN
11 Maserati 4CL  Georg KAUFMANN
11 Wainer-Ford  Brian MITCHAM
12 Cooper-Climax T66  Sid HOOLE
12 Elva-Ford Mk7  Martin VERDON-ROE
12 ERA C-type R12C  Terry CRABB
12 Ferrari 246 Dino s/n 788 Tony SMITH
12 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica  Holly MASON-FRANCHITTI
12 Jaguar D-type 'long-nose' s/n XKD505 Anthony REID
12 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  CLELAND-SMITH
12 Kieft-Norton CK5  Sam WILSON
12 Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder  José ALBUQUERQUE
14 Elva-Porsche Mk7P  Tony PLANKEN
14 Emeryson-JAP  Marek REICHMAN
14 Ferrari 250 Drogo s/n 2445GT BARTELS-HART
14 Ferrari 750 Monza s/n 0504M Richard FRANKEL
14 Jaguar E-type lightweight 'lowdrag' coup s/n S850663 BELL-WARBURTON
14 Lister-Jaguar 'Costin'  Alex BUNCOMBE
14 Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder s/n SL71/48 Marc DEVIS
14 Lola-Climax Mk4   Mark PIERCY
14 Lola-Ford Mk5A  James CLARIDGE
14 Maserati 4CL s/n 1566 Norbert SCHMITZ-KOEP
14 Norton Manx 500 Adrian Sellars/Ron Chandler
15 BRM P261  Mike LUCK
15 Elva-BMW Mk84  Dion KREMER
15 Flash-Norton Special  Roy WRIGHT
15 Frazer Nash Sebring  Jonathan PROCTER
15 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight lowdrag  HALL-MELLING
15 Lister-Jaguar 'Costin'  Carlos MONTEVERDE
15 Lola-Ford T70 Spyder  Roald GOETHE
15 Lotus-Ford 22  Manfredo ROSSI DI MONTELERA
15 Maserati 4CM s/n 1527 Simon EDWARDS
16 Cooper-Chevrolet T61 'Monaco'  Chris JOLLY
16 Ferrari 250 GT SWB 'Breadvan' s/n 2819GT MINASSIAN-WERNER
16 Gordini Type 24S  Paul-Emile BESSADE
16 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight lowdrag  MASS-STAHL
16 JBS-Norton  Richard UTLEY
16 Kieft-Climax GP  Gregory SNAPE
16 Lotus-BMW 23B  Arnold HERREMAN
16 Lotus-Ford 22   Christoph BURCKHARDT
16 Maserati 300S s/n 3059 Carlo VOGELE
16 Maserati 6CM s/n 1558 Urs MÜLLER
17 Aston Martin DB3 s/n DB3/5 Martin MELLING
17 Elva-BMW Mk7S  Andrew OWEN
17 Gordini Type 16  Marc VALVEKENS
17 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  PEARSON-YOUNG
17 JBS-Norton  Hakan SANDBERG
17 Lister-Jaguar 'Knobbly'  Jon MINSHAW
17 Lister-Jaguar coupé  ATTWOOD-FRANKEL
17 Lotus-Ford 22  John FYDA
17 Lotus-Ford 30  Matthew WATTS
17 Maserati 6CM s/n 1547 Willi BALZ
17 Norton Manx 500 Stuart Tonge/Michael Neeves
18 Arnott-JAP  John CHISHOLM
18 Bugatti Type 59/50B III  Tom DARK
18 Jaguar C-type s/n XKC 008 David WENMAN
18 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec s/n 876408 CLARK-FISKEN
18 Lister-Chevrolet 'Knobbly'  Andrew SMITH
18 Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder  Paul KNAPFIELD
18 Lotus-BMW 23B  Simon DIFFEY
18 Lotus-BRM 24  Paul DRAYSON
18 Lotus-Ford 27  Chris LOCKE
18 Norton Manx 500 Keith Amor/Luke Nutton
19 Cousy-Triumph  J.B. JONES
19 Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 1811GT KONIG-MERZARIO
19 Jaguar C-type s/n XKC 039 Carlos MONTEVERDE
19 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  PEARSON-STIPPLER
19 Lancia-Ferrari D50A  Alain DE CADENET
19 Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder  Gary PEARSON
19 Lotus-Climax 19  Otto REEDTZ-THOTT
19 Maserati 300S  Conrad ULRICH
19 Merlyn-Ford Mk5  John SYKES
20 Cooper-Maserati T61P 'Monaco'  Michael O'SHEA
20 Ducatti 350 Desmodromic Ian Griffiths/Paul Potter
20 Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 3107GT STIPPLER-ULRICH
20 Jaguar C-type s/n XKC032 Chris DRAKE
20 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec' s/n 861439 LINDSAY-WAKEMAN
20 JP-Vincent  Vernon WILLIAMSON
20 Lotus-BRM 24  Paul SMITH
20 Lotus-Climax 16  Eddie McGUIRE
20 Lotus-Ford 23B  Nick ADAMS
20 Maserati 300S  s/n 3057 Stephan RETTENMAIER
20 Maserati 6CM s/n 1556 Sean DANAHER
20 Wainer-Ford  Richard SMEETON
21 Brabham-BRM BT8  Steve TILLACK
21 Cooper-Ford T59  Sam WILSON
21 Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 3005GT HUNI-VOGELE
21 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec' s/n 850011 JARDINE-ZIEGLER
21 Kieft-Norton CK52  Rodney DELVES
21 Lotus-Bristol MkX  Nick ADAMS
21 Lotus-Climax 21  Dan COLLINS
21 Maserati 250F s/n 2521 Burkhard VON SCHENK
21 Maserati 300S s/n 3082 Burkhard VON SCHENK
21 Maserati 8CM s/n 3020 Stephan RETTENMAIER
21 McLaren-Chevrolet M1A  John BLADON
22 Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 3757GT BRUNDLE-HALES"
22 Jaguar E-type FHC s/n 860573 HARRIS-NEEDELL
22 Lotus-Ford 23B  Chris GOODWIN
22 Lotus-Ford 27  Nick FENNELL
22 Martin-Norton  Simon FROST
22 Maserati 250F s/n 2524 Joaquín FOLCH-RUSINOL
22 Maserati 8CM s/n 3013 Frank STIPPLER
22 Maserati A6GCS s/n 2093 Lukas HUNI
22 Sadler-Chevrolet Mk37  Julian MAJZUB
23 ERA B-type R1B  Michael GANS
23 Ferrari 250 GTO '64 style s/n 3413GT BELL-WHITTEN
23 Jaguar E-type lightweight  BUNCOMBE-GRAHAM
23 Lotus-Ford 23B  Andrew HIBBERD
23 Marina Rolls-Royce  Mark ASHWORTH
23 Maserati 250F s/n 2533 Willi BALZ
23 Maserati 450S s/n 4502 Frank STIPPLER
23 McCandlass-Norton R2  Arnie BLACK
23 RGS-Jaguar Atalanta  Tony WOOD
24 Effyh-JAP TT13  Peter KUMLIN
24 Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 3767GT BAMFORD-DE CADENET
24 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec'  COOKE-MAHMOUD
24 Lotus-Climax 24  David COPLOWE
24 Lotus-Ford 23B  Denis WELCH
24 Maserati A6GCM s/n 2033 Julia DE BALDANZA
24 Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage' s/n 2455  Josef Otto RETTENMAIER
24 Maserati V8RI s/n 4503 Josef Otto RETTENMAIER
24 McLaren-Chevrolet M1B  Laurie BENNETT
24 Tojeiro-Bristol  Ian NUTHALL
25 Jaguar E-type lightweight s/n S850669 BERGER-NEWEY
25 Lotus-Climax 25  Andy MIDDLEHURST
25 Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage' s/n 2454  Max WERNER
25 Shelby American Cobra Daytona Coupé BRACK-KRISTENSEN
25 Tecnica Meccanica-Maserati 250F s/n 2535 Barrie BAXTER
26 Aston Martin DB4GT s/n DB4GT/0122/R MAHMOUD-NEEDELL
26 BRM P261  Andrew WAREING
26 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight lowdrag  GIBBON-GIBBON
26 Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage' s/n 2457 Marino FRANCHITTI
26 Merlyn-Ford Mk4  Nigel BANCROFT
26 Talbot-Lago Type 26C  Klaus LEHR
26 Trenberth-Vincent  Kerry HORAN
27 Aston Martin DB3S s/n DB3S/10 David BENNETT
27 ERA B-type R10B  Paddins DOWLING
27 Ferrari 250 LM s/n 8165 David PIPER
27 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec' s/n 850486 RADISICH-SMITH
27 Lotus-Ford 27  Michael HIBBERD
27 Maserati A6GCM s/n 2504  David BENNETT
27 Matchless G50 Derek Bunning/Esean Emmett
27 Merlyn-Ford Mk4  Mike WRIGLEY
27 Tojeiro-Jaguar  Tom McWHIRTER
27 Trimax-JAP  Duncan RABAGLIATI
28 Alta  Paul JAYE
28 Jaguar C-type s/n XKC 021 Ben CUSSONS
28 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec s/n 880822 MINSHAW-STRETTON
28 Lotus-Climax 25  Nick FENNELL
28 Merlyn-Ford Mk6  Peter ALEXANDER
28 Tojeiro-Jaguar  Oliver LLEWELLYN
28 Whitfill-Triumph Special  Rudolf ERNST
29 Aston Martin DB4GT s/n DB4GT/0110/R SCHUPPAN-THORNTON
29 Cooper-Ford T61 'Monaco'  Keith AHLERS
29 Tojeiro-Jaguar  Barrie WILLIAMS
30 Ford GT40 Roadster  Andrew NEWALL
30 Lotus-Climax 21  Alex MORTON
30 Merlyn-Ford Mk6  James OWEN
30 Scarab-Offenhauser  Julian BRONSON
31 DRW-Hillman Mk6  Rudolf ERNST
31 Ford GT40  John HUGENHOLTZ
31 HWM  Duncan SUTTON
31 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec' s/n 850007 DAVIDSON KELLY-MARKEY
31 Lotus 1821  Peter HORSMAN
32 Bobsy-Alfa Romeo SR2  Simon HADFIELD
32 Cooper-Bristol Mk1 T20  Barry WOOD
33 Ferrari 246 Dino s/n 0006R Rick HALL
34 Cooper-Bristol Mk1 T20  Niamh McGUIRE
34 Norton Manx 500 Bob Monegue/Rod Tingate
36 ERA B-type R9B  Rainer OTT
39 Koala-Ford  Roger EALAND
40 Ford GT40  Roger WILLS
43 Aston Martin DB3 s/n DB3/6 Mark MIDGLEY
44 Ferrari 500/625 s/n 0208/0540 Alexander BOSWELL
44 Wolverine-Chevrolet   Mogens CHRISTENSEN
45 Lister-Jaguar 'Costin'  Darren McWHIRTER
50 Derrington Francis-ATS GP  Jason WRIGHT
50 Jaguar E-type 'semi-lightweight spec s/n 850066 REID-WEBB
52 Brabham-Climax BT8  Bob GETT
52 Talbot-Lago Type 26GS  Richard PILKINGTON
59 Cooper-Jaguar T33  Derek HOOD
59 Lola-Ford Mk5A  Robin LONGDON
60 Jaguar E2A  Tony DRON
61 Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 2069GT FRANKLIN-GAYE
67 Cooper-Ford T67  Anthony BINNINGTON
67 Mackson-Norton  Gordon RUSSELL
70 Balchowsky-Buick 'Ol` Yeller II'  Ernest NAGAMATSU
70 Brabham-Ford BT6  Bob BIRRELL
71 Cooper-Ford T71/73  Alan BAILLIE
72 Brabham-Ford BT2  John DOWSON
75 Lightning Envoyette-Ford  Pete MORTON
75 Revis-JAP 500  Richard BISHOP-MILLER
76 HWM-Jaguar  Roger BUXTON
77 Allard J2X  Alan PATTERSON
78 Gilera 500/4 Brian Richards/Fgordon Russell
88 Lotus-Ford 20/22  Kim SHEARN
88 McLaren-Chevrolet M1B  Marcus MUSSA
91 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato s/n DB4GT/0200/R DRAPER-FRANCHITTI
92 Cooper-JAP Mk8  Neil HODGES
93 Lotus-Ford 20  Chris CHILCOTT
96 McLaren-Chevrolet M1B  Andrew BEAUMONT
97 Matchless G50 Cameron Donald/Andrew Taylor
98 Ferrari 857 S s/n 0588M James COTTINGHAM
99 Ferguson-Climax Project 99  Stuart ROLT
99 Norton Manx 500 Duncan Fitchett/Jeremy McWilliams

1929 Supermarine S6A
1935 Hawker Fury MKI
1936-type Supermarine Spitfire Prototype
1941 Wako UPF-7
1943 Fairey Swordfish
1944 Boing B17G Flying Fortress

Chevrolet Coupé TC
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2735GT Sir Stirling Moss
Ferrari 290 MM s/n 0626
Ferrari 290 MM s/n 0628
Ferrari 860 Monza s/n 0602M
Ferrari 860 Monza s/n 0604M
Fod Model T Racers
Ford Corsair "Crayford"
Ford Cortina
Ford Escort
Ford F3L
Ford GT 40 Roadster
Ford Model A Phaeton
Ford Model AA Tow Truck
Ford Model T
Ford Model T "Ben Nevis"
Ford Model T Indianapolis
Ford of Britain Centenary
Ford Thames 7V
Ford Track Parade
Ford Zephyr with caravan
Gordini Type 15
Gordini Type 18 F
Jaguar C-Type s/n XKC018
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight s/n S850661
Maserati 250 F
Maserati 350 S
Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR s/n 00010/55
Mercedes-Benz W196 s/n 00008/54
Mercedes-Benz W196 Streamliner s/n 000010/55