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Vicenza, 16 – 17April 2011

Autojumbles in Italy always provide an interesting aside during any car enthusiasts visits to Italy, as they offer a wide variety of items not normally found on home territory. The bonus being, that if you are seeking Italian car or motorcycle parts or accessories, they are usually much more reasonably priced and can normally be bartered to an even more acceptable level. Vicenza’s mostra scambio at the Fiera exhibition halls is not the largest in Italy, but it does provide a broad spectrum of predominantly Italian based car and motorcycle parts, both new and used.

Another feature of the Italian mostra scambio, is that there is nearly always a car and/or motorcycle display of some sort held in conjunction, and this was no exception, with a nice exhibition of classic cars from the Bonfanti Museum and a classic car sales area in a separate hall. The Bonfanti display included a trio of beautiful pre-war Alfa Romeos, together with some pristine British sports cars, including an AC Ace and a Jaguar XK120 Coupé. Amongst the cars in the vendor area was an imposing Maserati Quattroporte, an Indy America, a couple of Biturbo Spiders, and a Maserati powered Citroen SM produced during the short liaison between the two companies. There was also a splendid cream 1936 Chevrolet Roadster, a number of Fiat variants, numerous Porsche models including an early 911S, an Autobianchi Spider and a rare Ford Cortina GT De Tomaso. This model was produced in small numbers when De Tomaso were using this model’s engine in their beautiful Vallelunga sports car in the sixties, and the engine was to the same degree of tune in the saloon counterpart, which had a claimed top speed of 112mph (180kph).

Keith Bluemel