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Cernobbio, 24 -25 April 2010

The 2010 edition of the invitation only Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como, once again provided a spectacular array of historic, concept and prototype cars, ranging in age from a 1926 Talbot-Darracq GP 1500 Siluro Corsa to the one-off 2010 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato, which was quite literally finished on the Saturday morning of the show, making a late, but very welcome, appearance just before lunch. The grounds of the magnificent hotel provide the perfect setting for the event, with views over the lake, and soaring hills behind, which coupled with the architecture of the buildings, the formal gardens and wisteria hanging from the pergolas, provides a great and varied scenic backdrop to proceedings.

This year concept cars and prototypes were relatively thin on the ground, as many manufacturers were displaying their wares on the other side of the world at the Beijing Motor Show, which is becoming increasingly important as the Chinese car market expands rapidly. The Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta, chassis # 169010, made its European debut, following its premiere at the Cavallino Classic in Florida in January. Only one of the cars had never been seen before, and this almost didn’t get seen as it was a very late arrival, the previously mentioned Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato, a one-off track car for a German client, that follows in the footsteps of the same company’s legendary TZ and TZ2 models from the sixties. The new model is based on an Alfa Romeo 8C platform and mechanical components, so should have plenty of power to live up to the legend created by its predecessors. It is a modern interpretation of the original evocative TZ design, and wowed the assembly with its stunning good looks. This resulted in it winning the Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award, which is a vote by the public in attendance, at the open day at Villa Erba on the Sunday, which attracted a full house of 5000 people.

2010 was patron sponsor BMWs 12th year of patronage of the show, and they had a line-up of 507 models on the driveway, and an array of pre-war 328 models at the entrance to the hotel lakeside terrace, as a prelude to the world premiere of their 328 Kamm CoupĂ© at Villa Erba on Sunday. The carefully selected array of classic cars in eight classes, was to the usual high standards that one has come to expect from the Villa d’Este Concorso, with some extremely rare and beautiful examples gracing the lawns and terraces, giving the international judging panel a very difficult task. One of these was a gleaming black Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” CoupĂ© belonging to Paul Stewart, son of triple  F1 World Champion (1969, 1971 & 1973), Sir Jackie Stewart, who  was attending his first ever European Concours d’Elegance, prior to the pair taking the car on the Mille Miglia. Others included a miniscule rarity in the form of a 1953 Giaur Champion 750 sports racing car with a Motto body, Alfa Romeo 6Cs in 1500 GS and 1750 GS forms, a stunning black 1935 Squire 1500 SC Roadster, the one-off Lamborghini Muira Roadster from 1968, and the supremely elegant Figoni & Falaschi bodied 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS “Teardrop” CoupĂ© of Oscar Davis from the USA, which took the top prize, the Trofeo BMW Group for the Best of Show by the jury.

Images Wolfgang Singhof
Text Keith Bluemel

Roll of Honour 2010 - Historic Cars.
Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este ...
Best of Show by Public Referendum at Villa d’Este

Maserati, A6GCS, Spider, Frua, 1955
Entrant: John F. Bookout Jr. (USA)

Trofeo BMW Group

Best of Show by the Jury

Talbot-Lago, T150 C SS « Teardrop » Coupé, Figoni & Falaschi, 1938
Entrant: Oscar Davis (USA)

Trofeo BMW Group Italia ...
By Public Referendum at Villa Erba

Talbot-Lago, T150 C SS Teardrop, Coupé, Figoni & Falaschi, 1938
Entrant: Oscar Davis (USA)

Class Winners and mention of Honour
Class A


Class Winner:
BMW, 328 Mille Miglia, Streamline Roadster, BMW, 1937, Christoph Bode (D)
Mention of Honour:
Talbot-Darracq, GP 1500, Siluro Corsa, Talbot-Darracq, 1926, Egon ZweimĂĽller (A)

Class B


Class Winner:

Duesenberg, X Straight 8, Boat-Tail Roadster, McFarlan, 1927, Peter Heydon (USA)
Mention of Honour:
BMW, 328, Roadster, BMW, 1938, Mietta Pasquali Gandolfi (I)

Class C


Class Winner:
Lancia, Astura 4th Series, Cabriolet, Pinin Farina, 1939, Wenzel Gelpke (CH)
Mention of Honour:
Bentley, 8 Litre, 4-seater Tourer, Gurney Nutting, 1931, Peter Livanos (GR)

Class D


Class Winner:
Talbot-Lago, T150 C SS Teardrop, Coupé, Figoni & Falaschi, 1938, Oscar Davis (USA)
Mention of Honour:
Alfa Romeo, 6C 2500 SS, Coupé, Touring, 1948, Oliver Collins (CDN)

Class E


Maserati, A6GCS, Spider, Frua, 1955, John F. Bookout Jr. (USA)
Mention of Honour:
Ferrari, 250 GT California, Spider, Scaglietti, 1958, Peter Stähelin (CH)

Class F


Class Winner:
Mercedes-Benz, 300 SL, Coupé, Mercedes-Benz, 1954, Paul Stewart (UK)
Mention of Honour:
Lamborghini, Miura, Roadster, Bertone, 1968, Albert Spiess (CH)

Class G


Class Winner:
Alfa Romeo, 1900 SS, Berlinetta, Zagato, 1956, David Sydorick (USA)
Mention of Honour:
Aston Martin, DB2, Coupé, Aston Martin, 1950, Helmut Rothenberger (D)

Class H


Class Winner:
Lancia Aurelia B56, 4-door Berlina, Pinin Farina, 1955, Corrado Lopresto (I)
Mention of Honour:
Alfa Romeo, Giulia 1600 TZ2, Coupé, Pininfarina, 1965, Shiro Kosaka (J)

Special Prizes by the Jury
Trofeo "FIVA"
To the best preserved car by the Jury

Alfa Romeo, Giulia 1600 TZ2, Coupé, Pininfarina, 1965
Shiro Kosaka (J)

Trofeo Rolls-Royce

To the most elegant Rolls-Royce by the Jury

Rolls-Royce, Phantom II Continental, Drophead Coupé, Binder, 1935
Steve Wolf (USA)

Trofeo Auto & Design

To the most exciting design by the Jury

Alfa Romeo, Giulia 1600 TZ2, Coupé, Pininfarina, 1965
Shiro Kosaka (J)

Trofeo Girard-Perregaux

Special Prize of the Jury

Talbot-Darracq, GP 1500 Siluro Corsa, Talbot-Darracq, 1926
Egon ZweimĂĽller (A)

Trofeo BMW Group Classic

To the most sensitive restoration by the Jury

Lamborghini, Miura, Roadster, Bertone, 1968
Albert Spiess (CH)

Trofeo Vranken Pommery

To the best interior design by the Jury

Lancia, Aurelia B52, PF200, Pinin Farina, 1952
Bill Pope (USA)

Trofeo Automobile Club di Como

To the car driven from farthest away

Mercedes-Benz, 710 SS, Sport Tourer, Mercedes-Benz, 1928
Frans van Haren (NL)

Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award - Concept Cars and Prototypes

By Public Referendum at Villa Erba

Zagato, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Coupé, 2010
Entrant: Martin Kapp (D)

Entries with chassis numbers

002 Talbot-Darracq GP 1500 Siluro Corsa Talbot-Darracq
004 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Spider Zagato 1931 sn 10814314
006 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 GS Spider Zagato 1933 sn 10814406
008 MG K3 Magnette 1934 sn K3015
010 Squire 1500 SC Roadster Markhams of Reading 1935
012 BMW 328 Mille Miglia Streamline Roadster BMW 1937 sn 85032
014 BMW 328 Roadster 1938
016 Duesenberg X Straight 8 Boat-Tail Roadster McFarlan 1927
020 Bugatti 57 TT Tourer Bertelli 1935 sn 57316
022 S.S. Cars Ltd. SS 100 Jaguar Open 2-seater Sports S.S. Cars Ltd. 1937
024 Lagonda V12 Rapide Cabriolet Lagonda 1938
026 Bentley 8 Litre 4-seater Tourer Gurney Nutting 1931
028 Mercedes-Benz 710 SS Sport Tourer Mercedes-Benz 1928 sn 36203
030 Lancia Lambda Torpedo Lancia 1931
032 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Drophead Coupé Binder 1935
034 Packard 1507 Cabriolet Packard 1937
036 Lancia Astura 4th Series Cabriolet Pinin Farina 1939
038 Cadillac Series 90 Coupé Fleetwood 1938
040 Talbot-Lago T150 C SS Teardrop Coupé Figoni & Falaschi 1938 sn 90117
042 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Coupé Touring 1948 sn 915717
044 Talbot-Lago T26 GS Coupé Dubos Frères 1948
046 Delage D6 3 Litre Coach Letourneur & Marchand 1947
048 Fiat 1500 Coupé Aerlux Touring 1949
050 Jaguar Mark IV Cabriolet Worblaufen 1947
052 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Cabriolet Franay 1948
054 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster Jaguar 1950
056 Cisitalia 202 Spider Stabilimenti Farina 1951 sn 128SC
058 Maserati A6GCS Spider Frua 1955 sn 2110
060 BMW 507 Roadster BMW 1957 sn 70061
062 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider Scaglietti 1958 sn 0965GT
064 Maserati 3500 GT Spider Vignale 1961 sn 101 1083
066 Aston Martin DB2 Coupé Aston Martin 1949 sn LML/19/4
068 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé Mercedes-Benz 1954
070 Maserati A6G/54 Coupé Allemano 1956
072 Ferrari 500 Superfast Coupé Pininfarina 1965 sn 6043SF
074 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Coupé Scaglietti 1967 sn 10253
076 Lamborghini Miura Roadster Bertone 1968
078 Iso Rivolta Grifo Can Am Coupé Bertone 1971
080 Aston Martin DB2 Coupé Aston Martin 1950 sn LML/50/8
082 Jaguar C-Type Open 2-seater Sports Jaguar 1952 XKC007
084 Jaguar D-Type Prototype Open 2-seater Sports Jaguar 1954 sn XKC401
088 Giaur Champion 750 2-seater Racing Motto 1953
090 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS Berlinetta Zagato 1956
092 Fiat 1400 Coupé Ghia 1952
094 Cisitalia-Ford 808XF Cabriolet Vignale 1952
096 Lancia Aurelia B52 PF200 Pinin Farina 1952
098 Fiat 8V Supersonic Ghia 1954 sn 000055
100 Lancia Aurelia B56 4-door Berlina Pinin Farina 1955
102 Ghia G230S Prototipo Coupé Ghia 1963
104 Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupé Pininfarina 1962
106 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TZ2 Coupé Pininfarina 1965
Alfa Romeo 1900 Disco Volante
Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva - prototipo s/n 19005-00003
Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport
Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 S.S. Villa d'Este s/n 915.924
Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider Corsa
Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Lungo Touring Berlinetta s/n 412029
Alfa Romeo Centenairy Display
Alfa Romeo Duettottanta
Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale s/n 0001
BMW 328MM 70th anniversary display
C02 Spada Ts Codatronca Coupé 2008 by Spadaconcept srl
C04 Bentley Continental Flying Star Shooting Brake 2010 by Touring Superleggera srl
C06 P540 Superfast Aperta Roadster 2010 by Ferrari SpA
C08 Frazer-Nash Namir Coupé Hybrid 2009 by Italdesign Giugiaro SpA
C10 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa Coupé 2010 by Zagato srl
Giulietta Spider Prototype