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2010 celebrates the centenary of Alfa Romeo, and during the year many events have been organised around the world to celebrate this auspicious occasion. One of these gatherings was held between 19 - 27 June, at the Parco Espozioni Novegro, close to Milan’s Linate Airport, where an exhibition titled “100x100centoalfapercent’anni” (one hundred Alfas for one hundred years). The event was organised by the Alfa Blue Team, C.M.A.E. and the ASI, and brought together a truly eclectic selection of the marque for aficionados and visitors to enjoy.

Naturally there were many well known models, both pre and post war, like the RL series from the twenties, 6C variants produced between the end of the twenties and late forties, a 159 Alfetta, Guilias and Guiliettas in various guises, through to the recent limited production 8C Competizione in both coupé and spider forms. Along the way there were some rarities like the Renault 4 and Ondine, produced under licence from Renault in the sixties, a 1978 Brazilian built Rio 2300 model, and the 1983 Arna, with a 4 cylinder boxer engine, which was a short-lived joint venture with Nissan. Other rarities were an example of the very rare Alfa Sud Giardinetta, a 75 Turbo “Evoluzione”, and a 1980 Alfetta GTV Turbodelta, claimed to be the first Italian series production car to be fitted with a turbocharger. There was also a pair of trucks, a trio of aero engines and some Alfa powered speedboats, emphasising the diversity of Alfa Romeo production over the years, and the way it changed, or had to change, with economic conditions.

The main hall featured displays of models loosely by generation,One hall featured various coachbuilders who had created both production and concept cars on Alfa Romeo mechanicals, including Bertone, Boano, Castagna, Pinin Farina, Touring and Zagato, the latter quite possibly having the most beautiful car at the show, a duotone green 1900 SS from 1955. Another hall was devoted to Alfa Romeo public service vehicles, with a fire tender, an ambulance, jeeps and a selection of police cars. The show attracted a wide selection of foreign visitors, with a strong contingent of Dutch Alfa Romeos turning up during our visit, and English, French and German languages could be heard amongst the visitors. The close proximity to the airport being a bonus for international fans of the marque, and they certainly wouldn’t have been disappointed with what the show had to offer.

Keith Bluemel