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Maremma 23th - 30th May, 2009

Once in a year the international Bugatti community comes together to celebrate their marque. In this special year with Bugatti celebrating their centenary it was the Italian Bugatti Club together with the crew of 2fast4you (including former Mille Miglia organizer Constantino Franchi) who invited the Bugattisti from all over the world to discover the beauty of the Maremma region in the Tuscany. No less than 119 Bugatti from 17 nations followed this invitation and found their way to the hotel Roccamare near Castiglione della Pescaia. This spacious area with two hotels and several separate bungalows was the ideal basis for the following daily trips into the surrounding region.

Having a fix point was part of the organization concept trying to create a very relaxing atmosphere, so no one had to worry about the trailer or the luggage. A further advantage of this concept was that the cars returned every evening to the same car park making it much easier for the owners or supporting crews to maintain them.

After the arrival of the crews during the day the event officially started on Saturday evening with a welcome cocktail and a dinner where old connections of previous meeting could be revived. So it was a short night for some of the participants.

The first trip on Sunday morning led to the Archaeological Park of Roselle where an old Etruscan City was visited. On these first miles the drivers found out what to expect the following days: small marvellous roads going up and down which was sometimes a challenge for the old radiators as it was very hot all the days. But as most of the cars where well prepared it was not a major problem and these are the roads where the cars could be enjoyed to the fullest. With a typical distance of 200 Km per day the stages where not too long, so the enjoyment did not turn into strain.

Worth mentioning is that there was no need of a road book as every junction was prepared with a sign by the organization, so the co-pilot could enjoy the landscape instead of being the navigator with the head in the book all the day.

Highlight of the day was the lunch break in the estate of Col d´Orcia. In the huge park there was enough space so that the cars could be parked in a very loose allocation instead of a strict line-up. Due to the heat the places in the shadow where preferred by the first ones to arrive. The buffet lunch was taken at a very long impressive table in the shade of Tuscan cypresses. After tasting the local food and wine the crews enjoyed some more miles before arriving back in the Bugatti village.

The first stop on Monday was the regional park of Maremma where the cars were parked near the beach, much to the amusement of the surprised holiday-makers. After this short stop the journey led through the mountains to the Castello ColleMassari where a cocktail was served. The lunch break was in the nearby winery whose modern architecture made a great contrast to the vintage sport cars.

After the return to the hotel the participants were invited to a Butteri horse show before the day ended with a superb dinner in an excellent Trattoria.

Tuesday was the day off where most the crews took advantage of the extensive relaxing possibilities in the hotel with its own beach and an outdoor pool.

In the evening the Bugattis set off for a visit to Punta Ala where the cars were lined up on the pier of the local yacht harbour before claiming up to the Italo Balbo Castle. The race cars parked directly in front of the small Castello from where one could oversee the whole region including the yacht harbour where the cars stood just minutes before.

Wednesday was one of the highlight of the meeting with its trip to the Isle of Elba. This must have been the most expensive cargo the ferry saw in its live with 119 Bugattis on board.

The cars took the coastal road around the west of the isle through the mountains. The road is sometimes very tiny and twisty so that it is hard work behind the wheel of the larger touring cars but it must be endless fun at the wheel of one of the smaller race cars. One can see why these cars were so successful at hill- climbs in their time. After 2 hours of best enjoyment the cars arrived at village of Marciana Marina where they were lined up at the seafront. After lunch the cars headed back to Portoferraio where they were once more displayed in the harbour. The crews used the time waiting for the passage back to taste Italian ice cream that was sold at the pier before boarding to the ferry. Back in the village the day ended once more sitting together over a friendly bottle of wine.

On Thursday the journey led to the winery of Moscatello. The Villa was reached through avenues lined by cypresses and unmade-up roads giving the Bugattis a step back in time. These where the roads every photographer was waiting for. After a buffet lunch in the Villa or beside the pool the next stop was the town of Massa Marittima, where the Bugatti were on Display on the Piazza del Duomo. The crews took a guided tour through the town or spend their time in one of the bars at the Piazza. 119 Bugatti on the Piazza was an unforgettable sight and attracted many visitors.

Friday was the last day that led the cars once more through the picturesque landscape of the Maremma region and headed to one of Tuscany´s greatest farmstead, Castiglion del Bosco. A last taste of the specialities of Tuscany before the journey ended in Roccomare.

In the evening there was a large farewell beach party in Punta Ala and it came to mind that a very special week came to an end. So one can´t wait for the next international meeting which will be 2010 in Austria.

Unfortunately on the first weekend of the meeting there was also the French meeting in Prescott (UK), an event we have reported from earlier this week. This and the weak pound prevented many British owners of Bugattis to find their way to Italy. Although Prescott is also worth a visit they have missed a superb event. For all those owning a Bugatti these meetings are a must, for those dreaming of a Bugatti it is one more reason to buy one.

The next event for the Bugattisti will be the meeting of the Club Enthusiasts Bugatti Alsace in Molsheim in September, celebrating once more the centenary.

Vive la Marque

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001 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1922 sn.1528

002 Bugatti T22 1920 sn.918

003 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1922 sn.1475

004 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1990 sn.BC072

005 Bugatti T27 Torpedo 1923 sn.1680

006 Bugatti T23 Sport 1923 sn.2146

007 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1924 sn.2243

008 Bugatti T23 Torpedo 1924 sn.2244

009 Bugatti T13 R Brescia 1925 sn.2855R

010 Bugatti T13 Brescia 1924 sn.2207

011 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1924 sn.BC042

012 Bugatti T35 GP 1925 sn.4610

013 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1925 sn.2570/BOC14

014 Bugatti T35 A GP 1925 sn.4651

015 Bugatti T39 GP 1925 sn.4604

016 Bugatti T35 A GP 1925 sn.4652

018 Bugatti T37 GP 1925 sn.37276

019 Bugatti T13 Brescia Sport 1925

020 Bugatti T35 A GP 1926 sn.4789

021 Bugatti T37 GP 1926 sn.37122

022 Bugatti T22/23 Brescia 1925 sn.2651

023 Bugatti T23 Brescia 1925 sn.2711

024 Bugatti T35 GP 1927 sn.4830

025 Bugatti T40 GS 1928 sn.40825

026 Bugatti T22 1926 sn.2660

027 Bugatti T37 B GP 1926 sn.BC023

028 Bugatti T37 GP 1926 sn.37139

029 Bugatti T38 Tourer Lavocat&Marsaud 1926 sn.38240

030 Bugatti T30 Sport 1925 sn.4442

031 Bugatti T35 A GP 1926 sn.4774

032 Bugatti T35 T 1926 DNS

033 Bugatti T37 A GP 1926 sn.37163-a

034 Bugatti T37 AR GP 1926 sn.Koux37210R

035 Bugatti T35 GP 1925 sn.BC006

035a Bugatti T13 1925

036 Bugatti T35 C GP 1926 sn.4744

037 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 sn.37240

038 Bugatti T38 GS 1927 sn.38333

039 Bugatti T35 A GP 1926 sn.4767

040 Bugatti T40 Roadster 1926

041 Bugatti T43 GS 1927 sn.BC129

042 Bugatti T35 B GP 1928 sn.4867

043 Bugatti T43 GS 1927 sn.43192

044 Bugatti T44 Sport 1927 sn.44266

045 Bugatti T23 Open Tourer 1926 sn.2898

046 Bugatti T38/44 GP 1926 sn.38101

047 Bugatti T35 B GP 1926 sn.4963/BC049

048 Bugatti T37 GP 1926 sn.37206

049 Bugatti T40 GS 1927 sn.40347

050 Bugatti T37 A GP 1927 sn.37286b

051 Bugatti T51 C 2003 Pur Sang

052 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 sn.37232

053 Bugatti T43 GS 1927 sn.43174

054 Bugatti T43 GS 1927 sn.BC039

055 Bugatti T37 GP 1927

056 Bugatti T37 A GP 1927 sn.37155-2

057 Bugatti T37 A GP 1927 sn.37318

058 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 sn.37246

059 Bugatti T35 B GP 1927 sn.BC025

060 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 sn.37310

061 Bugatti T37 GP 1927 sn.37256

062 Bugatti T44 GS 1929 sn.44454

063 Bugatti T37 A GP 1927 sn.37299

064 Bugatti T43 GS 1932 sn.43300

065 Bugatti T51 R GP Pur Sang

066 Bugatti T37 A GP 1929 sn.37363

067 Bugatti T44 Roadster 1928 sn.44892

068 Bugatti T44 Torpedo 1928 sn.44746

069 Bugatti T49 Cabriolet Gangloff 1930 sn.49113

070 Bugatti T37 A GP 1928 sn.3714-2

071 Bugatti T35 B GP 1926 sn.BC021

072 Bugatti T35 B GP 1928 sn.4924

073 Bugatti T40 GS 1929 sn.40793

074 Bugatti T40 GS 1928 sn.40662

075 Bugatti T37 GP 1928

076 Bugatti T43/44 Roadster 1930/95 sn.BC102-44853

077 Bugatti T44 Coupe Fiacre 1929 sn.441193

078 Bugatti T44 Cabriolet Reuflet 1928 sn.441074

079 Bugatti T43 GS 1928 sn.43239

080 Bugatti T44 GS Corsica 1928 sn.44415

081 Bugatti T44 GS 1928 sn.44417

082 Bugatti T43 GS 1928 sn.43256

083 Bugatti T43 GS 1930 sn.43257

084 Bugatti T35 B Roadster 1928 sn.4878

085 Bugatti T35 C GP 1929 sn.4937

086 Bugatti T40 A 1929 DNS

087 Bugatti T49 GS 1931 sn.49277

088 Bugatti T40 GS 1929 sn.40715

089 Bugatti T40 GS 1929 sn.40671

090 Bugatti T37 A GP 1930 sn.37376

091 Bugatti T35B GP 2004 sn.BC136

092 Bugatti T44 Cabriolet 1930 sn.441246

093 Bugatti T40 A Roadster 1930 sn.40848

094 Bugatti T37/51 GP1929 sn.37366

095 Bugatti T43 GS 1929 sn.43303

096 Bugatti T49 Roadster1928 sn.49421

097 Bugatti T43 GS TT 1928 sn.43171

098 Bugatti T40 A Roadster 1931 sn.40912

099 Bugatti T43 A Roadster 1932 sn.43309

100 Bugatti T54 Roadster Bachelier 1932 sn.54205

101 Bugatti T55 SS 1932 sn.55231

102 Bugatti T55 Cabriolet Bileter&Cartier 1932 sn.55206

103 Bugatti T46 Roadster Ottin 1934 sn.46501

104 Bugatti T49 Cabriolet Gangloff 1932 sn.49563

105 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet James Young 1934 sn.57116

106 Bugatti T57 Berlinetta James Young 1934 sn.57142

107 Bugatti T55 SS 1935 sn.55236

108 Bugatti T59 R GP 1934

109 Bugatti T57 Ventoux 1934 sn.57483

110 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Graber 1934 sn.57483

111 Bugatti T57 Stelvio Gangloff 1934 sn.57366

112 Bugatti T57 Atalante 1936 sn.57371

113 Bugatti T57 S Atalante 1936 sn.57384

114 Bugatti T57 S Roadster 1937 sn.BC116

115 Bugatti T57 Ventoux Gangloff 1937 sn.57588

116 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Graber 1936 sn.57676

117 Bugatti T57 Cabriolet Graber1937 sn.57444

118 Bugatti T57 1938 DNS

119 Bugatti T57 Berlinetta Uhlik 1938 sn.57615

120 Bugatti T57C Stelvio Gangloff 1938 sn.57679

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