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23.11.2009, 19:03:32 cet

Melbourne, 2nd April 2006

The Race

Jean Todt: "It was a weekend to forget. Going home without points is a very bitter feeling, given that we had all we needed to succeed. Felipe paid a high price for yesterday's qualifying, getting caught up in the sort of situation that typically happens towards the back of the pack at the start. After a first part to the race which was difficult as it was hard to get the tyres up to temperature, Michael went on the attack to try and move up the order. Unfortunately, he lost control of the car after clipping a kerb which unbalanced the car and ended up in the wall. This big disappointment does not alter our targets, but it does make them harder to reach. Now we want to show with results that we have what it takes to get back on top, starting when we race at home in Imola."

Michael Schumacher: "I was pushing to the maximum to try and close on Jenson and pass him. Probably he had some problems as he was not very quick. I tucked in behind him and unexpectedly I got some heavy understeer and finished on the grass. I had to push, because that's the part of the track where it's possible to pass. Today, our main problem was keeping the tyres up to temperature, especially in the first part of the race and also because there were a few safety car periods. We had chosen this compound specifically for the race, and once they reached the right operating temperature, they were going well, as was obvious after the pit stop. At first, it was difficult to drive, as after locking the wheels a few times the tyres were completely finished. It's clear we have a lot of work to do."

Felipe Massa: "Not much to say at the first turn, I had Klien on my left and Speed on my right. Christian touched me, which spun me around and to the right, then I hit Rosberg and ended up in the barrier. There was nothing I could do as I was basically a passenger in my car. I am very unhappy because I am sure I could have had a good race. It's been a weekend to forget. Now we must turn the page and work to be as well prepared as possible for Imola."

Ross Brawn: "It was a bad day. In the first stint of the race, Michael could not push the way he wanted as he struggled to get the tyres up to temperature, which was also partly down to the many safety car periods. Then, in the second part, it was clear that he could maintain a good pace. A shame about the accident which meant a good result was not possible. Now we have work to do, with significant developments to be tried





27/22 °C

Felipe Massa

dnf lap 1 chassis 250

Michael Schumacher

dnf lap 33 chassis 253

Qualifying session

Jean Todt: "It was a disappointing qualifying session. In the second part, first we had Felipe going off track after he clipped a kerb with the left rear wheel, losing control of the car. Then Michael did not manage to get the most out of his first set of tyres and, at his second attempt, a few drops of rain meant he could not improve. This result does not reflect our potential but we have to accept what happened. Tomorrow, despite the handicap of less than ideal grid positions, we will do our best to make up the ground we have lost today."

Michael Schumacher: "Obviously, we cannot be satisfied with this qualifying. In the second part, I used two sets of new tyres, but I did not get the most out of them. Clearly, the few drops of rain did not help just as I was on my second attempt, but the main problem today is that we were just too slow. Now we have to find out what happened and try and do something to be quicker tomorrow. The cooling fan that stayed on the car when I left the garage? It happened right after the red flag and this is always a frenetic time, so things like this can happen. Tomorrow, it will definitely not be nice to start from this far back on the grid, but we will try and make the most of the situation."

Felipe Massa: "What happened was a shame, because I was on a good lap at the time I went off. I had gone into Turn 11 when I lost the rear of the car. I touched the kerb and I could not correct it in time and that was the end for me. Fortunately, the car was undamaged, which is the most important thing. It should have been a good lap, but now we have to accept this situation and do a good race, just as we did in Malaysia."

Ross Brawn: "We struggled a bit this afternoon. Track conditions were not ideal for us and maybe the tyre we have chosen is the right one for the race, but was not ideal for the temperatures we saw today. Now we have to hope that tomorrow it will be a bit warmer, the track cleans up and the tyre works well. At the moment, we are not completely sure what happened to Felipe, so we will have a look at the data to find the cause."

Qualifying session


17 °C


26 °C



9th 1.28.228 5 laps


15th 1.28.868 6 laps



11th 1.26.718 6 laps


16th - 2 laps

Australian GP ... The Race

248 F1 s/n 253 - Michael Schumacher - dnf & 248 F1 s/n 250 - Felipe Massa - dnf
Australian GP
248 F1 s/n 253 - Michael Schumacher - dnf
248 F1 s/n 252 - Felipe Massa - dnf
248 F1 s/n 253 - Michael Schumacher - dnf
The Start
248 F1 s/n 250 - Felipe Massa - dnf
248 F1 s/n 253 - Michael Schumacher - dnf
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"A weekend to forget - 3 cars to be rebuild"