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23.11.2009, 18:57:04 cet

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Mugello, 24 January 2006

During the press  conference that preceded  the traditional prize-giving ceremony to the winners of Corse Clienti events,  the programme for the 2006 season  was announced.  Also  present  was  Ferrari's  Direttore  Generale, Jean  Todt, Commercial  Director  Andrea  Bozzoli,  head  of  Corse  Clienti activities,  Antonello Coletta, and the new head of Ferrari Classic Projects, Roberto Vaglietti.

The latter  programme,  as Bozzoli  underlined,  "will see  clients  of classic  cars in the forefront with  the Historic  Challenge. The new  Ferrari Classiche department will  have  the  chance  to  fulfil  its  ambitions  thanks  to  a revamped  technical assistance  set  up  that  is  able  to  satisfy  the  needs  of the  owners.  Roberto Taglietti, head  of  the newly  created  Progetto  Ferrari Classiche,  illustrated  to  the press the  guidelines  that  call  for  a  certificate  of authenticity  for  cars  over  twenty years of age and the  setting up of a Classic Center, dedicated to the  assistance and restoration of damaged parts realised with reference to the original".

In  regards  to  the  technical  details  of  the  various  championships  in  which Ferrari's Clienti  Sportivi  will  take  part,  and in  particular  in  Ferrari  Challenge that is  now  in  its  fourteenth  year,  the  microphone  was  passed  to  Antonello Coletta. He  stated  that  "the  Challenge  rules  will  not  be  modified  next season.  The  fifty minute  format  with  the  chance  to  make  a  driver  change will  remain,  thus optimising costs.  What  will  be  different  will  be  the  debut of  the  F430,  a  car  that will, as per tradition, be fielded in the Trofeo Pirelli or the Coppa Shell.

Those  who  want  to  race  in  the  360  will  be  able  to  do  so  in  a  single
championship. Moving on from Challenge to GT, we will be driving in GT2 where

the F430 will  continue to battle  it out with  the Porsche in  our traditionally intense rivalry". In support of what Coletta said, Todt emphasised that Ferrari, though not officially  in  the  GT2  class,  would  back  up  a  couple  of  teams, probably  running Pirellis.  Continuing  in  the  GT  field,  the  Direttore  Generale made  clear  that  the FIA  GT's  top  class  would  all  but  be  abandoned  at  a group  level  in  order  to support the efforts of the Maserati MC12.

The ambitious  FXX  project  fits  into  these  activities,  too,  and,  over  the  next three years, will reserve for 29 lucky owners, fourteen events held around the world.

The  press  briefing  ended  with  a  tribute  being  paid  to  Gabriele  Gardel  for a fantastic  season  in  the  FIA  GT  at  the  wheel  of  the  550  Maranello. Michele Maceratesi, the Italian and  World Ferrari Challenge  Trofeo Pirelli champion  who dominated the season, was also recognised.

The Mugello paddock
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