1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe
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Gooding & Co Chandler Sale Tops $36 Million - Auction of the Year 2006
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe

19.11.2009, 20:37:50 cet

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Oxnard, California, October 21, 2006

Sets Record For Single-Day Automotive Auction
Led by nine cars which brought in more than $1 million apiece, including two in excess of $2 million, today’s auction by Gooding & Company of Otis Chandler’s vehicle and automotive-art collection brought in a record $36,094,250, the highest single-day, automotive collection sale.

According to David Gooding, company founder and chief executive officer, the sale of all 90 vehicles, offered without reserve, exceeded his wildest expectations.

“The experience on the podium as the auction unfolded was incredible,” said Gooding. “I knew Otis’s collection was one of the most significant in the world, so I believed this would be a special day.

“When I heard the total had surpassed $21 million, I knew we had eclipsed the previous record (set in 1990 at a Sotheby’s sale) and we hit that total with 33 cars and motorcycles still to be sold!”

More than 1,200 bidders, celebrities, car collectors and automotive enthusiasts crowded into the 45,000-square- foot Chandler’s Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife which since 1987 had housed the collection here and had served as Chandler’s office following his retirement as publisher of The Los Angeles Times.

The top sellers amongst the 90 vehicles were the 1931 Duesenberg J Special Phaeton, at $2.64 million and the 1904 Mercedes 40/45 HP Sports Touring, at $2.255 million. The 1907 Harley-Davidson 440CC Strap-Tank Single sold for $352,000, topping the motorcycle category.

The million-dollar group also included the: 1933 Packard 1006 Twelve Sport Phaeton, $1.98; 1933 Packard 1006 Twelve Convertible Victoria, $1.65; 1911 Mercer 35R Raceabout, $1.595; 1912 Oldsmobile 60 HP Limited Touring, $1.265, Renault AI 35/45 HP Vanderbilt Racer, $1.1; Packard 904 Deluxe Eight Convertible Victoria, $1.1, and Packard 1108 Twelve Two-Place Coupe, $1.1.

“And individual marque records for Mercer, Renault, and Simplex (1911 Simplex 50 HP Toy Tonneau, $775,000) were set during the day,” added Gooding.


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1904 Locomobile Type C Four Passenger Open Touring
1904 Mercedes-Benz Sport Touring
1906 American Napier Seven Passenger Touring
1907 Renault Race Car
1911 Mercedes-Benz 38/70
Auction Estimate $650,000 - $850,000  Without Reserve
1912 Oldsmobile Limited Five Passenger Touring
1914 Packard 3-48 Seven Passenger Touring
1930 Cadillac V-16 5-Passenger Sport Phaeton, Fleetwood
1930 Packard Brewster 745 Convertible Sedan
1930 Stutz DV-32 Speedster Phaeton by LeBaron
1931 Cadillac - Buck Jones Custom
1931 Duesenberg Model J Special Phaeton by LeBaron
1931 Lincoln K Convertible Victoria - Waterhouse
1932 Lincoln KB Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton
1932 Marmon 16 Convertible Sedan
Lot 098 1932 Packard Custom Dietrich 904 Convertible Victoria
1933 Lincoln KB Convertible Sedan by Dietrich
1933 Packard 12 Convertible Sedan Custom Dietrich
1933 Packard 12 Sport Phaeton 1006 Custom Dietrich
1934 Packard 12 Sport Sedan by Derham
1934 Packard 12 Two Place Coupe by Dietrich
1934 Packard Town Car, Bohman & Schwartz
1938 Packard V-12 Convertible Coupe Roadster
1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Two Door Wagon
1959 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster (W198)
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe
1965 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Roadster
1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7
1998 Callaway C-12 Coupe
1999 Callaway C-12 Speedster
2004 Porsche Carrera GT
2005 Porsche 997 Carrera S
1931 Packard Super 8 Convertible Victoria by Waterhouse
1913 Pope Hartford Model 29 Roadster
1909 Pierce-Arrows Model 48SS
1933 Pierce-Arrow Convertible Sedan by LeBaron
1916 Crane-Simplex Dual Cowl Phaeton Farnham-Nelson
1926 McFarlan TV-6 Roadster - Type 142
1910 Locomobile Model I Seven Passenger Touring
Lot 087 Packard 1006 Twelve Convertible Victoria by Dietrich
1905 Panhard Levassor Double Phaeton
1909 Lozier Briarcliff Type H - Four Passenger Touring
Lot 100 Ford 91A
1911 Simplex 50 HP
1912 Packard ATD 3-Ton Sightseeing Bus