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Fosti con me nel pericolo e nella vittoria
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San Fransisco, July 20, 2001

Rinaldo Capello (#1)
“On this circuit you have to concentrate every single second. When you make only a small mistake you pay for it immediately. The most difficult part? Everywhere. Especially the last part when we are in sixth gear and are going very fast.”

Tom Kristensen (#1)
“The circuit is quite impressive because it’s very technical. It was my first time today on this track and so I’m very happy that I was quick right from the beginning. At certain points on the circuit, it is very demanding and you have to take care that you stay on the track.”

Frank Biela (#2)

“There is simply not a single easy section to relax on this circuit. But if you want to stay on the safe side with your car, you can lose a lot of time. If you have to mention an easy part, it is the hairpin before start and finish. The other hairpin looks very simple. But it is definitely not.”

Emanuele Pirro (#2)
“The track was very slippery at the beginning but I don’t expect this to change so much. So we had similar conditions as we will find during the race. We did a few modifications and now we are much happier with the car.”

Johnny Herbert (#38)
"To me it is quite a historic track because we have Oulton Park back in England which is actually very similar to this. A lot of undulating corners, a lot of corners where you cannot see the middle of the corner nor the exit. That character is very nice, so I'm enjoying it a lot."

Andy Wallace (#38)

"I've only ever been here once in 1997. It's actually quite an interesting track to drive, mostly corners, even the straight is turning. It's going to be hard work physically I think but the Audi rides the bumps really well."

1. Rinaldo Capello, Tom Kristensen

Audi R8 1:21.944

2. Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro

Audi R8 1:22.317

3. Klaus Graf, Franck Lagorce

Panoz LMP-1 1:24.220

4. David Brabham, Jan Magnussen

Panoz LMP-1 1:24.253

5. Wayne Taylor, Max Angelelli

Cadillac LMP 01 1:24.780

6. Christophe Tinseau, Emmanuel Collard

Cadillac LMP 01 1:25.185

7. Jon Field, Dublin, Rick Sutherland

Lola B2K-Judd 1:26.221

8. Didier de Radigues, Milka Duno,

Reynard 01Q-Judd 1:27.809

John Graham

9. Terry Borcheller, Franz Konrad

Saleen S7R 1:32.091

10. Niclas Jonsson, Bill Auberlen

BMW M3 GTR 1:33.407

11. Hans Stuck, Boris Said

BMW M3 GTR 1:33.776

12. Andy Pilgrim, Kelly Collins

Chevrolet Corvette C5-R 1:33.979

13. JJ Lehto, Jorg Muller

BMW M3 GTR 1:34.578

14. Dirk Muller, Fredrik Ekblom

BMW M3 GTR 1:35.329

15. Lucas Luhr, Sascha Maassen

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:35.771

16. Kevin Buckler, Tyler McQuarrie

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:36.964

17. Jeff Altenburg, Shane Lewis,

Dodge Viper GTS-R 1:37.092

Mike Silcox

18. Randy Pobst, Christian Menzel

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:37.121

19. Tom Weickardt, Gene Martindale,

Dodge Viper GTS-R 1:37.942

Dana Brewer

20. Vic Rice, Robert Orcutt

Porsche 911 GT3 R 1:41.171

21. Kye Wankum, Jeff Pabst

Porsche 911 GT3 R 1:41.236

22. Phillip Collin, Tony Burgess

Porsche 911 GT3 R 1:41.265

23. Randy Wars, Grady Willingham

Porsche 911 GT3 R 1:47.741

24. Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell

Chevrolet Corvette C5-R 2:05.407

25. Johnny Herbert, Andy Wallace

Audi R8 no speed

26. Timo Bernhard, Johnny Mowlem

Porsche 911 GT3 RS no speed
Emanuele Pirro in the Infineon Audi R8 #2
Andy Wallace in the Champion Audi R8 #38
Frank Biela in the Infineon Audi R8 #2
Rinaldo Capello in the Infineon Audi R8 #1
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