Mimmo Schiattarella & Didier de Radigues finished with their Olive Garden/Lola B2K in 7th position
Allan McNish took over in lap 48, from Capello who crashed the R8 in lap 8 sending down to position 9, but had twice the luck of a fullcourse yellow to get in the lead and win the race
Bill Auberlen and Jean Marc Gunon in the #43 BMW had in lap 10 a tire explosion taking a part of the rear of the car, after the repair they could join in 25th position
Jim Matthews & Mark Simo finished in 20th position 20 laps down
Angelelli/Taylor finished in 5th with the #19 Cadillac Northstar
#78 Emanuele Pirro and #2 O'Connell in the Panoz
#36 JMR Reynard with Johansson and Smith sharing the car finished in 5th position, the BMW M3 finished 10th OA and 4th in GT
At 2.00h Emanuele finished his double stint in 3rd position, handing the R8 over to Frank Biela who rejoined the race in 7th postion
In the opening laps the #2 Panoz with O'Connell was in front of the #2 Panoz
Beretta/Wendlinger won their class, Archer/Donohue finished 2nd in the #92 Dodge Viper
#78 Audi driven by Emanuele Pirro who lead until lap 48, after the 1st pitstop David Brabham past him in the chicane and just this second the race had it's second full course yellow, sending the #78 team a full lap down after a 45 second lead
That's all what the #2 and #1 Panoz could see for the first hour the back of the #78 Audi R8 driven by Emanuele Pirro
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