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Time Sheet - Test Session
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Time Sheet - Qualifying
Emanuele Pirro in the Infineon Audi R8 #2
Frank Biela in the Infineon Audi R8 #2
Johnnny Herbert in the Champion Audi R8 #38
Emanuele Pirro in the Infineon Audi R8 #2
Tom Kristensen in the Infineon Audi R8 #1
Johnny Herbert in the Champion Audi R8 #38

Pole position 2000  - Biela/Pirro

Audi R8 1:08.432

Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, August 17, 2001

Frank Biela, holder of the record for the fastest lap ever turned at Mosport International Raceway, showed that he had not forgotten the fast way around the Canadian racing circuit Friday as he led the first day of practice for Sunday's American Le Mans Series GT3 Grand Prix at Mosport.

The German drove an Audi R8 Prototype around the 2.459-mile, 10-turn circuit in 1:09.404 (127.549 mph), the fastest of 26 cars that practiced on Friday. Though Biela and driving partner Emanuele Pirro are winless in four ALMS races this season, they won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June.

The Panoz LMP1-R of David Brabham and Jan Magnussen, winner of the most recent ALMS race two weeks ago at Portland, Ore., was second-fastest on Friday at 126.311, followed by the Audi R8 of Johnny Herbert and Andy Wallace at 125.889.

The Reynard 01Q-Judd of Didier de Radigues and Bruno Lambert was the fastest car in the LMP 675 class at 118.432 (1:14.747), which was the ninth-fastest speed overall.

Hometown hero Ron Fellows, who lives in a suburb of nearby Toronto, led the cars in the GTS class with a lap of 114.714 (1:17.169) in a Chevrolet Corvette C5-R that he will share with Johnny O'Connell. Fellows and O'Connell have won the GTS class in three of the four ALMS races this season.

Leading the tight GT class was the BMW M3 GTR driven by Dirk Muller and Fredrik Ekblom, which turned a lap of 111.085. The top six cars in the class, including four BMWs and two Porsches, were separated by less than a second.

The Prototypes driven by Magnussen and Wallace also had problems during the day, with Magnussen spinning in turn 10 and Wallace sliding off the track in the same spot. Neither car was damaged.
More practice will be held Saturday morning, with qualifying to set the starting field scheduled for 4 p.m.

Sunday's two-hour, 45-minute sports car endurance race will start at 1 p.m. and will be televised live in the United States by NBC Sports. The live broadcast of the American Le Mans Series Radio Web can be heard online at

Click to Listen !!!  Radio Le Mans Web broadcast schedule - tba

1. Frank Biela/Emanuele Pirro

Audi R8 1:09.404

2. Jan Magnussen/David Brabham

Panoz LMP1 1:10.084

3. Johnny Herbert/Andy Wallace

Audi R8 1:10.319

4. Wayne Taylor/Max Angelelli

Cadillac LMP 01 1:10.484

5. Rinaldo Capello/Tom Kristensen

Audi R8 1:10.535

6. James Weaver/Butch Leitzinger

Riley & Scott 1:10.974

7. Klaus Graf/Franck Lagorce

Panoz LMP1 1:11.185

8. Emmanuel Collard/Christophe Tinseau

Cadillac LMP 01 1:11.682

9. Bruno Lambert/Didier de Radigues

Reynard 01Q 1:14.747

10. Ron Fellows/Johnny O'Connell

Corvette C5-R 1:17.169

11. Andy Pilgrim/Kelly Collins

Corvette C5-R 1:17.889

12. Steven Knight/Claudia Huertgen

Lola B2K 1:18.092

13. Franz Konrad/Terry Borcheller

Saleen S7R 1:18.373

14. John Graham/Milka Duno

Reynard 01Q 1:19.458

15. Fredrik Ekblom/Dirk Muller

BMW M3 GTR 1:19.690

16. Lucas Luhr/Sascha Maassen

Porsche 911 1:19.962

17 JJ Lehto/Jorg Muller

BMW M3 GTR 1:20.003

18. Bill Auberlen/Niclas Jonsson

BMW M3 GTR 1:20.157

19. Hans Stuck/Boris Said

BMW M3 GTR 1.20.497

20. Randy Pobst/Christian Menzel

Porsche 911 1:20.508

21. David Donohue/Shane Lewis

Viper GTS-R 1:20.856

22. Michael Peterson/Johnny Mowlem/

Porsche 911 1:21.678

Timo Bernhard

23. Tony Burgess/Magnus Wallinder

Porsche 911 1:23.928

24. Tom Weickardt/Kevin Allen

Viper GTS-R 1:24.005

25. Kye Wankum/Jeff Pabst

Porsche 911 1:26.390

26. Randy Wars/Grady Willingham

Porsche 911 1:29.576
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Terry Borcheller, Saleen S7R
JJ Lehto, BMW M3 GTR
Andy Pilgrim, Chevrolet Corvette C5-R

1. Capello, Kristensen

Audi R8 1.08.222

2. Biela, Pirro

Audi R8 1.08.408

3. Magnussen, Brabham

Panoz  1.09.671

4. Herbert, Wallace

Audi R8  1.09.729

5. Weaver, Leitzinger

Riley&Scott 1.09.842

6. Taylor, Angelelli

Cadillac 1.09.969

7. Collard, Tinseau

Cadillac  1.10.254

8. Graf, Lagorce

Panoz  1.10.727

9. Lambert, de Radigues

Reynard-Judd  1.13.501

10. Knight, Hürtgen

Lola-Nissan  1.16.094