Gallery - Season 1998 

Sao Paulo

Michael Schumacher, 4th on the grid after qualifying, enters his Ferrari F300 s/n 184 Careful and precise driving is necessary to find a way through the "Senna S" amidst the pack. For Jordan's Ralf Schumacher, the race is already over after just a few seconds. The technological masterpiece of the year: A view of the McLaren-Mercedes MP 4/13.For Gerhard Berger, who had declared his withdrawal from the F1-circus after the 1997 season, his role as a "normal" spectator was a completely new experience. Winner of the the Brazilian Grand Prix and leader of the championship ranking: Mika Häkkinen. Likewise as in Australia, Heinz-Harald Frentzen on 5th was lapped again by the leading team of Häkkinen and Coulthard. Heinz-Harald Frentzen in the pits, Irvine just coming in. Mika Häkkinen - the 1998 Formula 1 World Champion? The mishap of the Australian Grand Prix is forgotten: This time, Mika Häkkinen's pitstop was performed in the best possible way. The Formula One's whizzkid No. 1: Adrian Newey. He left Williams for McLaren - did he construct a world champion's car for them as well? His performance in his 5th Grand Prix was stunning: Alexander Wurz, who brought Michael Schumacher under severe pressure and who overtook Frentzen in a very champion-like way. Michael Schumacher was very happy since his 3rd position was like a victory for him.Michael Schumacher managed to get out of the pits right in front of his rivals Wurz and Frentzen, although he had stalled the engine during the pitstop. The speed limit of 120 km/h in the pit lane is somehow like the sword of Damocles for the pilots. However, Jacques Villeneuve was unable to score in Brazil. Second race, second DNF: Ralf Schumacher did only make it for some 100 meters.Brazilian Light The team boss' dream...Mika Häkkinen's third win in a row was the first one he had achieved without any help by fellow drivers...The beard did not provide any improvement to the performance: The current World Champion Jacques Villeneuve left Brazil without having scored any points for the 1998 world championship.

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