Technical specification's

The Maserati A6GCS/53 was manufactured from 1953 to 1955

in 52 examples
48 with Spyder body and
4 with the 'Berlinetta Pininfarina' body.

Type - Construction Number A6 GCS/53
Type Vertical inline 6
Bore x Stroke 76.5 x 72.0
Displacement 1985.6cc
Compression Ratio 8,75:1
Cooling water-cooled
Layout D.O.H.C.
No. of Valves 2
Ignition 2 distributors or Magnetos
No. of Carburetors 3
Type of Carburetors 40 DCO/A3
Bhp @ rpm 170 Bhp @ 7300rpm
lubrication forced with pressure and scavenger pumps
Cylinder block & crankcase alloy
Drive Train
Clutch Dry multidisc
Transmission - No. of Gears 4-Speed & reverse
frame tubular with longitudinal and coss members
Wheelbase in mm 2310
Track front in mm 1335
Track rear in mm 1220
Suspension front Coil springs
Suspension rear leaf springs
Shocks Houdaille
Brakes hydraulic drums
Wheels 4.50X16 Borrani
Tires front 6.00X16 Pirelli
Tires rear 6.00X16 Pirelli
Bodybuilder Spyder Fantuzzi
Bodybuilder Coupe Pinin Farina
Lenght Overall in mm 3840
Width in mm 1530
Height in mm 860
Tank capacity 115 l
Weight 830 kg
Top speed 146 MPH (235 KPH)

The A6GCS was a very important model for the Maserati and had good racing successes from it's debut. It won numerous races, including the 1953 Mille Miglia in it's debut in 1953, where the cars came in 1st Class (3rd OA) and 2nd Class, against brutal competition from Mercedes and Ferrari teams. The A6GCS's also had good success at the Targa Florio and Pescara, as well as elsewhere in Italy, South America and in the UK.

serial number list

  s/n Type Model Comments
  2040 A6 GCS  
  2042 A6 GCS  
  2043 A6 GCS  
Maserati A6 GCS, Fantuzzi Spider s/n 2045 2045 A6 GCS  
  2047 A6 GCS  
Maserati A6 GCS s/n 2049 2049 A6 GCS Vignale Spyder - rebodied by Scaglietti
  2050 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2052 2052 A6 GCS  
  2053 A6 GCS  
  2054 A6 GCS Frua Spyder
  2055 A6 GCS  
  2056 A6 GCS PF Coupe
  2057 A6 GCS PF low roof Berlinetta
Rebodied as Spyder
renumbered 2086
  2058 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS PF Berlinetta s/n 2059 2059 A6 GCS PF Berlinetta
A6 GCS PF Berlinetta s/n 2060 2060 A6 GCS Coupe PF Berlinetta - now has replica bodywork
2061 A6 GCS 57 rebodied to 200 SI body style
  2062 A6 GCS  
  2064 A6 GCS  
  2065 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2066 2066 A6 GCS  
  2067 A6 GCS  
  2068 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS s/n 2069 2069 A6 GCS  
  2070 A6 GCS restored with bodywork from 2057
A6 GCS Scaglietti Spyder s/n 2071 2071 A6 GCS  
  2072 A6 GCS  
  2073 A6 GCS  
  2074 A6 GCS  
  2075 A6 GCS  
  2076 A6 GCS  
  2077 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS s/n 2078 2078 A6 GCS  
  2079 A6 GCS  
  2080 A6 GCS  
  2081 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spider s/n 2082 2082 A6 GCS  
  2083 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2084 2084 A6 GCS  
  2085 A6 GCS  
2086 A6 GCS former 2057
rebodied as Berlinetta
  2087 A6 GCS  
  2088 A6 GCS  

2089 A6 GCS Spyder now with Berlinetta bodywork
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2090 2090 A6 GCS  
  2091 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS/53 s/n 2092 2092 A6 GCS  
 A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2093 2093 A6 GCS  
  2095 A6 GCS engine only
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2096 2096 A6 GCS  
  2097 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Fantuzzi Spyder s/n 2098 2098 A6 GCS  
A6 GCS Spyder s/n 2099 2099 A6 GCS 300 S Prototype
  2100     boat engine only




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