2461 60/mar/20
Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage, RHD
Chassis # 2461
Engine # 2461
Color exterior - White with blue central stripe
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
60/mar/20 - Lloyd "Lucky" Casner, Miami, FL, USA - "Camoradi"-Team  
60/mar/26 dns (reserve car) 12h Sebring Jim Rathmann/   Lucky Casner #21 Bollée Birdcage p65
7:31:40,5 h
1st OA 1000km Nuerburgring Stirling Moss/          Dan Gurney #5 Bollée Birdcage p78             Bollée "Lucky" p37, 38, 41, 42 Maserati Days p148                Finn TPSC p118
60/jun - modified with long tail
60/jun Modena tests Lucky Casner Bollée Birdcage p79, 81
60/jun/25-26 dnf 24h Le Mans Giorgio Scarlatti/
Gino Munaron
#26 Bollée Birdcage p80, 82, 83           Bollée "Lucky" p44-47              Finn TPSC p119
60/aug/01 BARC Aintree John Coundley #35 Bollée Birdcage p87
60/aug/07 2nd OA GP Sweden, Karlskoga Joakim Bonnier #9 Bollée Birdcage p88
60/sep - Alan Connell, Ft. Worth, TX, USA  
60/oct/16 1st OA USAC Consolation Race Times GP, Riverside Alan Connell #21
60/oct/16 dnf USAC Times GP, Riverside Alan Connell #21 Bollée Birdcage p112, 113
60/oct/23 15th OA USAC Laguna Seca, Pacific GP, heat 1 Alan Connell #21  
60/oct/23 dnf USAC Laguna Seca, Pacific GP, heat 2 Alan Connell #21  
60/oct/23 19th OA USAC Laguna Seca, Pacific GP, overall Alan Connell #21  
60/nov/12 dnf SCCA Daytona prelim Alan Connell #20  
60/nov/13 5th OA SCCA Daytona main Alan Connell #20  
60/dec/04 dnf Nassau Trophy Alan Connell #26 Bollée Birdcage p124-126 
61 - Ferrari 250 TR V12 engine s/n 0724TR installed by Connell's mechanic John Miller and repainted two-tone blue
61/jul/02 dnf USAC Continental Divide Raceway, heat 1 Alan Connell #5 Bollée Birdcage p177
61/jul/02 dns USAC Continental Divide Raceway, heat 2 Alan Connell #5  
61/jul/23 dnf SCCA Meadowdale, Wisconsin GP Alan Connell #55
61/sep/04 1st OA SCCA Mansfield Alan Connell #5 Bollée Birdcage p180, 181
61/oct/15 dnf USAC Times GP, Riverside Alan Connell #5 Bollée Birdcage p190
61/oct/21 dnf SCCA Laguna Seca Alan Connell #5  
61/oct/29 1st OA SCCA Muskogee, Oklahoma GP Alan Connell #85  
61/dec/08 dnf Governor's Trophy prelim, Nassau Alan Connell #55
61/dec/08 dnf Governor's Trophy, Nassau Alan Connell #55
61/dec/10 4th OA Nassau Trophy Alan Connell #55 Lewandowski p110
62/feb/11 dnf 3h Daytona Alan Connell #5
7. - Patrick Lindsay, UK
.. - car heavily crashed by Lindsay  
- repaired by Dieter Holterbosch
.. - Hartmut Ibing, Duesseldorf, D - still in long tail configuration  
- restored with new Nuerburgring-look bodywork
97/aug/08-10 OGP Nuerburgring Hartmut Ibing/     Peter Hannen/ Stukenbrock #523
- displayed at the Rennsportmuseum Nuerburgring CaS 6/98 p106-111
99/jul/04 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Nuerburgring Peter Hannen #64  
99 - Philippe Marcq, B 820k
00/jun/17 46th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Mans Philippe Marcq #73  
01/apr/28-29 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Spa, Group C Philippe Marcq #72
01/aug/11 OGP Nuerburgring Philippe Marcq #LL
01/sep/23 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Magny Cours Philippe Marcq #72
01/oct/21 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Monza Philippe Marcq #72



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