2088 55/mar/10
Maserati A6 GCS,
Chassis # 2088
Engine # ....
Color exterior - red
Color interior -
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Piero Valenzano, Torino, I
The Valenzano brothers owned two identic cars, so it is almost impossible to say which car was driven by which brother.
55/mar/12 1st Coppa Mare e Monti Valenzano
55/apr/3 21st Giro di Sicilia    Piero Valenzano
15/5/1955 4th Bari Gino Valenzano
55/may/29 7th III. GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Piero Valenzano/
5/6/1955 10th Mugello Piero Valenzano
55/jul/10 Acc Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti Piero Valenzano
55/jul/10 dnf Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti Gino Valenzano
55/nov/10 - sold to Venezuela ??


No proof of participation GP de Venezuela
1956 No known participations
1957 - Urbain Esmingaud, Marseille , France
57/jun/30 Mount Ventoux Hillclimb Esmingaud
58/may/8 1st IC La Gineste Hillclimb Esmingaud
58/may/11 1st IC Saint Antonin Hillclimb Esmingaud
58/jun/29 4th IC Mount Ventoux Hillclimb Esmingaud
59/may/3 4th Saint Antonin Hillclimb Esmingaud
59/may/7 La Gineste Hillclimb Esmingaud
59/may/11 2nd OA, 1st IC Val de Cuech Hillclimb Esmingaud
59/may/31 Le Pin Hillclimb Esmingaud
59/jun/28 3rd IC Mount Ventoux Hillclimb Esmingaud
69/may/22 Acc Val de Cuech   Esmingaud
65/may - Modified to long nose subsequently used at the racing school at Le Mans
1968 - Pierre Bardinon who sent it back to Fantuzzi for a new body to make it perfect. This was not necessary.
1970 - Fred Chandon (Moet et Chandon)
1977 - Rolland and Jean-Pierre Bourge
198? - Raymond Thevenard
1987 -  Michael  Seydoux
96/apr/29 - S - Poulain Le Fur at Palais de Congrès, Paris for 162634 PDS CaS 5/96, 
1996 - Sold to Abba Kogan, MC
2004/April - Umberto Falchetti, Italy


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