6661SF 65/jun/08   *** 23rd ***
Ferrari 500 Superfast S1, RHD
Blu chiaro (Blu 19343M) / Beige (VM3309) 
PF job no. 99599 
3 air ducts, no rear seats
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/jun/08 - Jack S. Durlacher, Sevenoaks, GB via Maranello Concessionaires, but Durlacher unhappy with car and returned it, later taking delivery of 8459SF "HCY 700D"
66/mar - George Tsakiroglou, UK (GR) via Broadway Autos, Cricklewood, UK "JJJ 9D"
66 - rear axle replaced  
67 - The Bird Group, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, GB
67 - C. E. Marshall, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, GB  
68 - C. A. Rosedale, Northiam, Sussex, GB  
71 - G. Price, Thornton Haugh, Cheshire, GB  
7. - Ivor W. Halbert, Bristol, GB  
7. - P.N.H. Gibbs, London, GB  
7. - David Mulvaney, London, GB  
7. - Rod Leach, Hertford Heath, GB "HCY 700D"  
77/jul - offered for sale by Leach, 40,000miles T&CC 7/77 p25 T&CC 9/77 p61
80/apr - Richard Attwood, GB - asking PDS 18,500; 41,000miles
83/dec - Michael L. Fisher Ltd., London, GB (via Brian Classic; already metallic turquoise, natural leather interior.) "HCY 700D"
84/may - offered by Michael Fisher Ltd., London, UK T&CC 5/84 p124 T&CC 6/84 p74 T&CC 10/84 p72
84/oct - A. J. M. van der Lof, Haaksbergen, NL - 41,000miles  Transaction involved no financing entity.
8. - restored by Terry Hoyle, UK  (Note: According to Michael Fisher, he neither had knowledge nor was involved with the car’s return to the UK, or its subsequent storage.)  
92 - Roy Scot Trust/P.Smith, Cheltenham, UK - asking PDS 170,000.-  
92 - stored at Bob Houghton's shop for the leasing company FOC 96 p40
93/nov - Julia de Baldanza, UK
97 - engine rebuilt by Bob Houghton  
01 - displayed at Silverstone Historic Festival Club
13 - certified by Ferrari Classiche  
13/jul/12 - S - Bonhams' Goodwood Festival of Speed auction - PDS 852,700.- incl. buyer's prem. (€1,020,891.-)  
13/jul/12 - ....................  


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