6045 64/may
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
Chassis type 577
motore tipo 210
no. interno 14

Gearbox type 564/940
China Red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64/aug - Modern Classic Motors, 1492 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89450. 702-329-4466 - William Harrah - via Chinetti . 19th of 32 cars supplied by Ferrari S.P.A  
64/aug - William Harrah, Reno, NV, USA - personal use, never raced, only covered 800 miles  
66 - Thomas W. Barrett III., 5601 East Naumi Valley Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, USA 602-945-1812 - $17.500, 800miles  
66/apr - Dr. Harold Isaacs, Beverly Hills, CA, USA - paid $17,500  
69/may/31 2nd in "special interest" class Pebble Beach Concours  Dr. Harold Isaacs     
69/sep - Damaged leaving Griffith Park concours event, L.A., One of the fuel tanks leaked as a result. The leaking fuel was then accidently set on fire, either by a road flare set out after the accident or a cigarette, depending on who's story you listen to.  The body was partially melted and the frame damaged but not beyond repair  
.. - Don Simpson, USA - Bought the damaged car ... he planned a restoration. The Car was partially dismantled by Simpson.  
.. - At this time a cine film was taken of the burnt car. Whilst the majority of the thin gauge aluminium bodywork had melted and the carb trumpets and air tray had melted - the rest of the car (aside from the impact damage to the side fuel tank) remained remarkable intact including in the front, the interior and the engine bay. The video clearly shows all of this.  
.. - Car sold to Ron Kellog, CA, USA  
73/mar - advertised in issue of the Ferrari Owners Club Newsletter as follows:

"1965 275 LM. Might sell complete car - all running gear including wheel, transaxle, and suspension perfect. Frame & Engine need work. Have complete fiberglass body panels available with Molds. A real do-it-yourself LM. Not an easy job. Make me an offer - help me clean up my garage. Contact: Ron Kellog, 6265 Roundhill Drive, Whittier, California 90601. (213) 693-0950 evenings; (213) 334-5152 days." 


73 - Kellog removed from the car and sold the original engine to Stuart Baumgard for his GTO s/n 3987GT. The engine was later sold to Richard Freshman.


73 - Kellogg sold rest of the car  to Dr Hamilton Kelly, California
(The parts were collected in two stages).


73 - The restoration project was sold to Charles Betz, California


80/Apr - Carlo Frossini, California. Shipped to Italy, permanently imported to Italy.


82/Apr - Giorgio Schoen (a Ferrari main dealer), resident of Milan, Italy. Frame stripped ready for restoration. Photos taken outside Schon’s villa of the frame being loaded onto a truck by a crane. These photos clearly show the damage that caused the original fire.


82/May - The project was sold to Massimo Colombo, a car broker and noted historian in Torino, Italy.

82/Aug - project for sale by Colombo asking $25,000 us dollars  

86/July - Florini Gaetano, the Director of  Ferrari Assistenza Clienti, carried out a full inspection of the car at the Ferrari main dealership of Fulvio Visioli in Cremona. It was determined the chassis was original.

At this time, before the days of Ferrari Classiche, the chassis was then sent to the original manufacturer to make repairs. There is on file Vaccari’s confirmation of the correctness of the chassis and subsequent repair bill.


88/Aug - Car plus various parts by Colombo to Ulrich Guggisberg (Graber Automibole Limited), Switzerland.Guggisberg had car totally restored in Italy by Bachelli (villa Carrozeria Autosport), fabricated new body skin and Toni Franco, carried out mechanical work

88/Sep - Vacari, re-inspected the car confirmed it was both original and correct  
89/Feb - Restoration completed and car returned to Graber in Switzerland  
92/Oct - offered by Graber, (Ulrich Guggisberg’s Swiss dealership) for sale. Asking price 1,900,000 marks.  
92/Nov - FIA papers issued by Federation Internationale de I’Automobile  

95/Mar - Roetner, Japan

99/... - Symbolic, CA, USA  

00/Jan - shown at the IX Palm Beach Cavallino Classic and raced in Moroso

01/... - Gary Snell an American resident in Venice, Italy  
01/... - State of Georgia title issued in the name of Classics, USA  
07/Jun - Luay Allawi via DK Engineering
10/Jul - shown by DK Engineering during the FOC Concours at Wilton Hall following restoration at DK Engineering. Repainted Dark Red. During the rebuild the engine fitted was found to be late 250 LM or 250P due to crank case design  
10/Jul/23 - 25 Silverstone Classic Jeremy Cottingham
James Cottingham
10/Sep/17 - 19   Goodwood Revival Jeremy Cottingham    

11/Apr/14 - The replica that was manufactured by Richard Freshman around the original #6045 engine was purchased by DK Engineering in order to re-unite the car with its original engine.

11/Jun/11 - 12 Le Mans Legend race  Jeremy Cottingham
James Cottingham
11/Jun/22 - 24 - Shown at Salon Prive Concours Syon Park by James Cottingham  
11/Sep/11 - Shown at FOC  concours Heythorpe park by Jeremy Cottingham  
11/Sep/16 - 18   Goodwood Revival Jeremy Cottingham    

11/Oct/15 - Original engine 6045 rebuilt and fitted to car by DK Engineering

12/Feb - Driven by Octane magazine and featured in an article  
12/Apr - 6045 plus remains of the Freshman replica sent to Ferrari Classiche department  

12/Oct - Replica built by Richard Freshman destroyed and cut into little pieces by Ferrarti S.p.A. Documented by Ferrari S.p.A. with photographs.


13/Nov - Total restoration completed by Ferrari Classiche. Car tested for 100 kms by Classiche department. 

13/Nov - Red Book Classiche Certification issued (granted)  
13/Dec/6 - Car returns to DK Engineering, Chorleywood, UK  
14/aug/15-16 - RM Monterey Auction
Lot 150 - 1964 Ferrari 250 LM s/n 6045
Est. $8,500,000 - $12,500,000
Sold $11,550,000
14/aug/16-17 - ................., ..  
21/jan - consigned to Ferrari of Houston & Woodlands, TX  

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