Ferrari 250 GTO


4675GT 1963/may/23
Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD 
Rosso Cina 
Engine No. interno 1074/62E 
Gearbox No. 27 
Rear axle 539 62/C, 8x34, No. 28
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1963/may - P. Annunziata, I "Roma 634374"
1963/apr/28 4th OA 2nd IC Col Bayard hillclimb Guido Fossati    
1963/jun/09 2nd OA Lure hillclimb Guido Fossati    
1963/jun/22 - VECAR SrL, Rome  
1963/jun/23 2nd OA 2nd IC Garessio-Colle San Bernardo hillcimb Guido Fossati    
1963/jul/14 2nd IC Trento-Bondone hillclimb Guido Fossati    
1963/jul/28 13th OA 2nd IC Cesana-Sestriere hillclimb Guido Fossati    
1963/aug/04 7th OA 2nd IC Aosta-Pila hillclimb Guido Fossati    
1963/sep/14-22 accident Tour de France Guido Fossati /
Ariberto Francolini
#172 TdF p187 Pourret p285 C191 p26
1963/oct/10 - Guido Fossati, I "Roma 634374"
1963/dec - rebodied 64 body style  
1964/apr/10 - SpA Scuderia ASA Elmo d'Argento, Milano
registered "CN 110711"
"CN 110711"
1964/apr/21 - Scuderia Elmo d'Argento, Milano, I "MI 901733"
St. Ambroeus
Targa Florio Jean Guichet /
Carlo Facetti
#118 250 GTO p82 Pourret p313
"CN 110711"
1964/may/17 2nd OA 2nd IC 500km de Spa Jean Guichet #21 Delsaux p299, 302 AMS 12/64 p46
1964/jun/24 - Oddone Sigala, I "BS 157747"
1964/jun/21 ... OA
...  GT+1.6
Coppa Emilio Maieressi, Circuito del Mugello Oddone Sigala #6  
1964/jul/19 6th OA 3rd IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Oddone Sigala #450  
1964/aug/23 2nd OA 1st IC Trofeo Valle Camonica hillclimb Oddone Sigala #131  
1964/sep/06 5th OA Coppa Inter Europa, Monza Oddone Sigala #32  
1964/sep/13 4th OA 3rd IC Trofeo Lumezzane hillclimb Oddone Sigala    
1964/oct/11 12th OA 4th IC 1000km Paris,
Oddone Sigala /
Edoardo Lualdi
#19 1000km Paris p28
1964/oct/24 3rd OA 1st IC Trofeo Bettoja,
Oddone Sigala    
1964 - Vincenzo Nember, I  
1965/apr/25 11th 1000km Monza Vincenzo Nember /
Roberto Bonomi
1965/may/09 1st OA Castell'Arquato-Vernasca hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #322  
1965/may/16 1st OA Antignano-Monte Burrone hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #316  
1965/jun/17 1st OA Scalata al Colle San Eusebio hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #122  
1965/jun/27 3rd OA 2nd IC Predappio-Caminate hillclimb Vincenzo Nember    
1965/jul/18 Trieste-Opicina hillcimb Vincenzo Nember #472
1965/aug/01 1st IC Coppa Agordo-Frassené hillclimb Vincenzo Nember    
1965/aug/22 1st IC Trofeo Valle Camonica hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #169  
1965/sep/05 1st OA Trofeo Lumezzane hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #191  
1965/sep/26 4th OA 1st IC Coppa del Nevegal hillclimb Vincenzo Nember #344  
1965/oct/17 2nd OA 1st IC Castione-Passo della Presolana hillclimb Vincenzo Nember    
1965/oct - Luigi Taramazzo, I  
1965/oct/31 2nd OA 1st IC I. Rally Jolly Hotels, Palermo-Trieste Luigi Taramazzo/
1966/mar/13 2nd OA Coppa FISA,
Luigi Taramazzo    
1966/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Luigi Taramazzo/
Giorgio Pianta
1966 - Nabokoff  
196. - Joseph R. Zazzara, Anderson Hill Rd., Bernardsville, NJ, USA
Joseph Zarrara remembers in 2021
... "I bought it in Savona, Italy for $7,200, i was the first owner in 1966"
1967/may - offered by Zazzara in R/T 5/67; red/blue, zero track hours since completely rebuilt in and out. Used on street past year. Fantastic.
19.. - Jim Hall, USA  
1973 - David Piper, GB  
1973 - Harley Cluxton, AZ, USA  
1975 - Walter Medlin, Orlando, FL, USA  
1995/apr - offered by Harley Cluxton, GTC, AZ, USA  
1996/oct - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J  
1997/sep/15-21 35th GTO anniversary tour Kenji Sasamoto
1999/jun/05-06 Forza Ferrari, Ferrari Club of Japan Meet, Suzuka Yoshiho Matsuda
2004/may/15-17 1st Japan Historic Car Tour Yoshiho Matsuda #55
2004/aug/14 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Yoshiho Matsuda
2004/aug/15   Pebble Beach Concours Yoshiho Matsuda    
2007 - displayed at Junichiro Hiramatsu's Auto Galleria Luce C160 p42
2007/oct/21-2025 45th anniversary GTO tour Yoshiho Matsuda
2009 - Talacrest, UK in partnership with RM Auctions (via Symbolic)
2010/apr - Chris Evans, UK - traded in several cars from White Collection (3401GT, 1253GT)  + cash, totaling $17,000,000
2011/jul - improved by Ferrari Classiche while in the certification process
2011-12 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche
2012 - Jean-Pierre Slavic, Mies, CH - trading in 250 GT SWB Spyder California 4121GT, Gullwing McLaren F1,  Mercedes 300 L Coupé alloy, etc. plus cash, totaling $25,000,000 (via Talacrest)
2012/jul/20   Ferrari 250 GTO celebrates 50th anniversary Jean-Pierre Slavic    
2012/sep/29   Uniques Special Ones Jean-Pierre Slavic    
2013/... - Lionshead West Collection, USA $42mio
2014/may/23 - 25   Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este Lionshead West Collection H98  
2024/jan/31 - displayed by Girardo & Co. at Retromobile, Paris, F



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