3673SA 62/.../..
Ferrari 400 Superamerica rebodied, LHD
Completion dates
engine 62/oct/10
rear axle 62/oct/10
gearbox 62/oct/22
consignment date of 11/19/62
It seems that s/n 3673 SA was not built in time to have been at the Nuerburgring. Some sources therefore argue that the Nuerburgring GTO must have been

But the Nuerburgring GTO and the Le Mans GTO had physical body differences:
The Le Mans GTO had/has a deeper bonnet bulge and two additional D-shaped
engine bay air outlets on the cowl.

The Nuerburgring GTO had small indicator lights directly under the
headlights, the Le Mans GTO indicator lights alongside. Why should Ferrari
have changed the position of the indicator lights in one month on one and
the same car ???

For me there is no reason to do so and the Nuerburgring GTO was not damaged
at the front to make a rebuilt necessary.

It's very obvious, that 3673SA was built in time for the Nuerburgring race
and that it competed there and not 3765LM. Notice the chassisnumber "3765
LM", obviously built especially for the Le Mans race.

The late completion date can be explained easily. 3673SA was damaged heavily
in testing after the Nuerburgring race and the GTO was rebuilt and - even more
important - rebodied with a SWB body. This job was completed in November 1962 !
                                                                                                         Bjoern Schmidt
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
62 - Scuderia Ferrari  
62/may/27 2nd OA 1st IC 1000 km Nuerburgring Willy Mairesse/
Mike Parkes
#120 Bluemel GTO p49          Pourret p195 AMS 13/62 p48
62/jun - broken in half outside Maranello in a road accident driven by Willy Mairesse. The car was rebuilt as SWB 400 S.A. using bits by the factory and a new SWB body was put on it, carried a plate 400 Superamerica - this body is today on a 250 GTE chassis
62/nov - FIMA, I  
6. - Kirk F. White, Paoli, PA, USA  
67 - Herb Wetanson, USA
as a SWB – 400 SA – and the wrecked chassis – both with the same serial #’s
73 - S. Halpern, USA  
7. - Stanley Nowak, NY, NY, USA F250SWB p84 PH44 p22-24
79 - Concours International 516-676-2050 NY  
79 - Fabrizio Violati, Roma, I via Massimo Colombo & Stan Nowak - Bellancauto, I
82/aug/31 20th anniversary GTO tour Luigi Pantaleoni I love GTO
85 - Paul Vestey, Alresford, Hants, GT  
8. - rebodied as 330 GTO by DK Engineering - the SWB body is today on a 250 GTE chassis  
89 - Yoshijuki Hayashi, J  
95 - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J C92 p22
C98 p8
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art C92 p22, 26, 28
95/apr/08 2nd IC Forza Ferrari Concours, Suzuka, class 2 Yoshiho Matsuda
02 - Dr. Martin Viessmann, Korbach, D this deal did not happen, car is back in 
0. - Christopher Cox, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
0. - David Scaife, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
.. - J. A. L., Atherton, CA, USA

.. - Herb Wetanson, US

13/mid - returned from GTO Engineering. No “lightning bolt” in front fender louvre.

The body shape is incorrect as it has a 1960 body with curved top to door glass and fuel filler in corner of boot lid, whilst the original SWB body on 3673 was a 1961 onwards body with straighter edge to door glass and fuel filler under a flap on the rear wing"

14/aug/29-sep/01 - Lime Rock Historic Festival, CT, US. #84, Herb Wetanson “6778 TE” (ME)

15 - prepped for Herb Wetanson at KTR Racing, MA. #84.

16/approx - registered as a 1961 Ferrari “400SA3673” in Franklin County, NY       “HKY 2039” (NY)
17/sep - Rolex Monterey Pre-Reunion, CA.   #391, Herbert Wetanson        “HKY 2039” (NY)
18/sep/08 - reimport of a “1961 FERRARI 250 SWB, CHASSIS NO 400SA3673” from GTO Engineering to Herbert Wetanson, NYC, NY, according the U.S. Customs records for the vessel “YM Evolution” of Ocean Network Express Pte Ltd.


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