3097SA 61   *** 17th ***
renumbered to 4031SA 
Ferrari 400 Superamerica PF Aerodinamico Coupé, S1, LHD
Verde dora (Met. green)/beige leather seats with cream corduroy seat center sections
Open headlights
PF job no. 99518
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61 - Enzo Ferrari, I
Mythos p119
C56 p26
62 - before offering for sale, the car was renumbered as 4031SA and the interior   
62 - engine no. interno 8SA installed


new car built on a 400 SA chassis stamped 3097 with an enlarged Lusso body

6. - engine with no. interno 78SA installed
.. - ............, Denver, CO, USA   
0. - Jean Guikas, Marseille, F - GTC Sarl.
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