2687GT 61/jun/21   *** 21st ***
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, alloy, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/jun/21 -  Arnalda Colombo, Busto Arsizio, I  
61 - raced by Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, Busto Arsizio, I - Scuderia S. Ambroeus  
61/jul/09 9th OA
1st IC
Trento - Bondone hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #280 C155 p52
61/jul/23 1st OA
1st IC
Trieste - Opicina hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #242 T-O p281, 297 "VA 86592"
61/aug/13 1st OA
1st IC
Cuneo - Colle della Maddalena Edoardo Lualdi #254  
61/sep/03 1st OA Brescia, Trofeo Lumezzane Edoardo Lualdi #144  
61/sep/10 3rd OA
3rd GT+2.5
Coppa InterEuropa,
Edoardo Lualdi    
61/oct/22 1st IC Sassari Alghero - Scala Piccada hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #280  
62/apr/08 1st OA V. Stallavena - Bosco Chiesanuova hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #742 Castellarin p80, 93
62/apr/15 1st IC Trofeo Gran Turismo,
Edoardo Lualdi #40  
62/may/06 dns Targa Florio Edoardo Lualdi /
Giorgio Pianta
(von Baum)
62/may/14  - Pierluigi Zanardelli, Brescia, I - Scuderia Mirabella Brescia "BS 106960"
62/may/20 3rd Sassari Alghero - Scala Piccada hillclimb Pierluigi Zanardelli    
62/jun/03 1st GT Bobbio - Monte Penice Pierluigi Zanardelli #294  
Corpus Christi
4th GT Predappio - Rocca delle Caminate Pierluigi Zanardelli #302  
62/jun/24 5th GT Achum Airfield Simon Meier    
62/jul/08 2nd IC Trento - Bondone hillclimb Pierluigi Zanardelli #380
62/jul/15 1st GT Vinci - San Baronto Pierluigi Zanardelli #190  
62/jul/22 6th GT Trieste - Opicina hillclimb Pierluigi Zanardelli #368  
62/jul/29 2nd OA
1st GT
Coppa Agordo - Frassené hillclimb Pierluigi Zanardelli #162  
62/sep/16 10th OA
2nd GT
Brescia, Trofeo Lumezzane Pierluigi Zanardelli #183  
62/oct/7 2nd GT Avus, Berlin Simon Meier    
62/oct/14 3rd GT Monza, Coppa d’Autunno Pierluigi Zanardelli #334  
62/nov/08 - Simon Meier, Trento, I "TN 46942"
63/jun/02 4th GT Coppa della Consuma Pierluigi Zanardelli #50  
63/jun/24 - Giuseppe Ascanio Mozzoni, Milano, I "MI 854290"
64/jan/10 - de Luigi Elisabetta, Como, I
left in a Hotel garage after '67 it was stolen and disappeared, it was either crashed or for other reasons dsimanteled and disappeared
many parts of the stolen car never showed up (gearbox, rear axle, bodywork, etc.)
"CO 133643"
.. - engine 2687GT installed in 5057GT a Lusso rebodied SWB Berlinetta style  
.. - an engine stamped 2687GT is also installed in 3315GT  
../... - 250 GTE engine s/n 2727GT
90's early - some one in the Salzburg region "S 2766" (A)
92/... - Mario Rossi, Monzambano, I
1995/may/12 - registered in the PRA for the first time
1996/apr/28 - registered "ZA 858 DK"
2001/mar/05 - Fulvio Visioli, Cremona, I ... paid €77.468,53      
2001/mar/12 - Margherita Alunni, Giussano, I ... paid €77.468,53 
2001/may/16 - Giovanni Rotundo, Bergamo, I ... paid €41.316,55
2005/mar/25 - Paolo Sivieri, Ferrara, I ... paid €90.000
2014/fall - exported to the USA, having been sold
2014/fall - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA/USA
engine number restamped to "2687GT"

the suffix "GT" was not used by the Factory on engine numbers after #2401GT!
2014/oct - displayed by Shaughnessy at Rodeo Drive Concours in Beverly Hills, CA/USA
14/... - Jorge Carlos Bernal Soriano,MEX & Calfiornia,USA
16/... - re-exported to Europe
16/may - Fulvio Visioli Auction in Monaco ... Auction Catalog without chassis numbers
Lot ... - Est. €11,0 mio
1st replica

250 GTSWB s/n 2687GT replica I 250 GTSWB s/n 2687GT replica I

.. - 250 GT/L s/n 5057GT-frame restamped and rebodied as SWB  
94 - Lusso engine replaced by Roelofs with a 250 GTE engine  
94 - Ado Melcher, D  
94/may/06-08 Spa Ferrari Days Melcher
94/aug Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Melcher C84 p10
96/jul/20-21 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Theo Melcher


2nd replica

250 GTSWB s/n 2687GT replica II

97 - John Hugenholtz, NL
.. - based on chassis/body made by Hietbrink in the Netherlands and GTE components and most likely the ex Lusso engine from the Melcher replica because it was probably already restamped 2687GT
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone John Hugenholtz
99/jul/30-aug/01 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Hans Hugenholtz #34 "DR-51-21"
99/...   Italia a Zandvoort      
99/oct/30   1st Tourrally Ferrari Storico      
00/...   Italia a Zandvoort   #14  
16/sep/9   Goodwood Revival Hans Hugenholtz /
von Oranje
23/sep/08-10   Goodwood Revival Hans Hugenholtz #14  


3rd replica
84 - built in Italy  
94 - Rossi, I  
94 - engine 2727GT 250 GTE  
94 - Mugello free class race "S 2766"
FOCUK 104 p24



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