2321GT 60 - 61/feb/02   ***60th *** 
Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione, LHD
no glove box, leatherette and corduroy upholstery, wind-up windows
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
61/feb/02 - Dorio Serafini, I ‘’MO 62839’’
64 - René Richard, Paris, F "5999 QE 75"
64 - crashed, chassis and body fixed by Lucien Bianchi, repainted dark blue with a green vinyl inerior  
64/jun - Jacques Pollet, Paris, F  
67 - refurbished and repainted silver  
77/nov - probably after an accident or mechanical problem Mr. Pollet declared that the car was stolen, the car was then found and a detailed expertise of the car was done by the insurance after this ‘’theft’’  
81/dec - Mr. Pollet filled a declaration of accident after a hit in Paris; the insurance didn’t want to pay the repair bills so Mr. Pollet sued them. To summarize the result of the trial confirmed the insurance's position. It turned out that the ‘’theft’’ and ‘’accident’’ were insurance fraud from Pollet. He then withdrew his claims.  
84 - NS - auction at Hall Peugeot, Avenue de la Grande Armée,Paris, F  
85/dec - A. Aouizerate, Paris, F  
8. - Aouizerate lent it to his friend, André Bailly, who unfortunately had an accident. The car was repaired and repainted in bright grey
8. - André Bailly, Paris, F - polished alloy - looked like a new body - DM 1,0mio 
89/aug Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring André Bailly #193 C55 p60
90/aug/11-12 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring André Bailly "5193 QE 75"
90/aug - wrong engine installed  
91/aug/08-11 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring André Bailly #484
92 - repainted yellow  
97 - offered in France for "only" DM 1,000,000.-  
97/feb/12 - offered by Andrew Turner, heavily raced, titanium pistons, GTO heads, claimed 317 HP on Dyno, bigger brakes with balance, many dents and stone chips  
97/feb - offered by Axel Urban & Uwe Meissner, Langenfeld, D - asking DM 1,7mio  
97/mar/15- for sale in FML by Axel Urban for $945,000.-  
97/jun - Dr. Martin Huff, Frankfurt, D (could not make all payments for the car)  
97/nov - offered by ProTrade, Hamburg, D for $870,000.-  
97/nov - aparently car now has matching numbers
97/nov - Bernard Haquette, F  
98/apr/14-18   Tour Auto Bernard Haquette /     Eric Lamerand #180   
99/jul/29 - Last month he wanted 6,000,000 ff.  This month he wants 7,000,000 ff, It now has the standard 250 SWB heads fitted  
00/apr/10-15   Tour Auto Bernard Haquette /    Eric Lamerand #172 "KLZ 331"
03/apr/07-12 dns ? Tour Auto Bernard Haquette "KLZ 331"
04/jul/23-25 46th OA 2nd Le Mans Classic Bernard Haquette / Christian van Kunduyt #48
09/jun/05-07 Sport & Collection - 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Val de Vienne Bernard Haquette
10/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Bernard Haquette / Bertrand Henique #28 "OAV 932"
13/oct - an inspection is performed and and report done by Ferrari Classiche through his representative in Belgium that confirms the originality of the car and the corrections needed to get the certification  
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello      
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