0893GT 58/mar/02   *** 39th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
3 louvre, covered headlights, alloy bumpers
white with red centre stripe
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/mar - George Reed, Homewood, IL, USA - RRR Enterprises  
58/mar/22 7th OA
2nd GT3.5
12h Sebring George Arents /
George Reed /
Don O'Dell
#21 F250SWB p16 
58/may/03-04 3rd CP Virginia International Raceway George Reed #96
58/may/17 2nd CP SCCA National Cumberland
George Reed #196 PH52 p23
84 p47 #95
58/jun/14 2nd OA 2nd GT1 SCCA Lime Rock,
race 1
George Reed #96 NASCR p271
58/jun/15 5th OA
SCCA Lime Rock,
race 7
George Reed #96
58/jun/21 1st OA Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 3
George Reed #96 C148 p61 C152 p50
58/aug/17 SCCA National Milwaukee,
race 2
George Reed #96
58/aug/17 2nd OA 1st CP SCCA National Milwaukee,
race 5
George Reed #96
58/aug/31 3rd OA
1st CP
SCCA Thompson,
race 6
George Reed #96
58/sep/01 3rd OA
1st CP
SCCA Thompson,
race 3
George Reed #96
58/sep/06 3rd OA
1st CP
SCCA National Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 2
George Reed #96
58/sep/20 6th OA 2nd CP SCCA Watkins Glen,
Glen Trophy
George Reed #196
.. - Ross Durant, Jr., Clearwater, FL, USA
6. - Bill Treviranus, WI, USA
62/mar/31- offered in Comp Press by Bill Treviranus, asking $6.395.-; New
engine, brakes and tires. GMC garnett red metallic
62 - Tom Schelble, Milwaukee, WI, USA  
62/jun/16 Road America, Elkhart Lake,
race 2
Tom Schelble #78
62/sep/08 7th OA
4th IC
Road America 500, Elkhart Lake Fred Rediske #78  
63/jun/22 14th OA 2nd IC Road America, Elkhart Lake,
Bob Birmingham #78  
63 - Ed Weschler, Nashotah, WI, USA  
6. - David Uihlein Milwaukee, WI, USA  
.. - Brooks Stevens Museum, Mequon, WI, USA  
81 - Allen M. Woodall, Columbus, OH, USA  
82 - Brian Brunkhorst, Brookfield, WI, USA  
83 - Harold Javetz, Savannah, GA, USA  
84 - offered by MCC, USA; 26,000miles  
85 - Anthony Wang, NY, NY, USA  
2018 - parked at the 2018 Bernardus Lodge & Spa, Carmel Valley, CA  



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