0846 66
Ferrari 330 P3, RHD
in 66 converted P3/4 specs
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
66 - SF  
66 - Barchetta  
66/mar/25-26 dnf
lap 172
12h Sebring Mike Parkes /        Bob Bondurant #27 Ca11 p16, 18 Scarlet Passion p96 PS 5/66 p7
66/may/08 dnf
Targa Florio Nino Vaccarella / Lorenzo Bandini #230 Ca11 p23 AMS 11/66 p41
66/jun/05 dns 1000km Nuerburgring John Surtees /      Mike Parkes #1
FIC p255
Ca11 p26, 28
66/jun/18-19 dnf
lap 151
24h Le Mans Pedro Rodriguez / Richie Ginther #27 FaLM p88 Scarlet Passion p80
66 - converted to P3/4 specs  
67/feb/04-05 1st OA
1st P+2.0
24h Daytona Lorenzo Bandini / Chris Amon #23 PS 3/67 cover & p4   Ca11 p40, 42 C131 p11
67/apr/08 1st 4h Le Mans Lorenzo Bandini #22  
67/may/14 acc. Targa Florio Nino Vaccarella / Ludovico Scarfiotti #224 Ca11 p48 Scarlet Passion p121 C100 p38
67/jun/10-11 dnf
car caught fire after a tire blow up
24h Le Mans Chris Amon /        Nino Vaccarella #20 FaLM p94   FIC p272
FCR V2 p182 C103 p23 C110 p11
68 - Because of the extended fire damage detected upon dismantling, Ferrari states they had decided against repair, and had written off and scrapped chassis 0846. Engine and parts later used by David Piper to build a new tribute car, the 330 P4 s/n 0900/Piper

Note #1: 

The four P 3/4's were run largely in the same configuration as the 1966 P3's, with one exception being they were run with the weber carb's rather than fuel injection. they were run with the same 5 speed ZF gearbox and with oil cooler attached. The motors were 4 liter, double-overhead camshaft v-12 with three valves per cylinder. They were commonly known as P3/4's, although the factory designation was 412 P. 3 cars started their life as P3 0844, 0846 and 0848.

Note #2:

Jim Glickenhaus supplied the following on the Piper-built car:

In July 2002 James Glickenhaus bought a car from David Piper that both he and David thought was a replica P4 built on a replica chassis to P4 chassis blueprints that had been given to David Piper by Enzo Ferrari.  After removing 1000 rivets, dissembling everything, stripping the chassis, researching the Ferrari build sheets and comparing the frame with 412P 0844, 412P 0850, 412P 0854, P4 0856, and P4 replica chassis 0900, 0900a, and 0900c Glickenhaus discovered that the car he had bought contained approximately 80+% of the original P3 chassis of 0846 modified to accept a P4 engine exactly as described in: "TECHNICAL DATA SHEET' of "330 P3/P4 Chassis n.0846". As it is impossible to build a P3 Chassis from P4 Blueprints it now seems likely that:

"After Le Mans 1967 0846 was returned to the Ferrari factory where it was deconstructed, investigated and scrapped. Years later, James Glickenhaus acquired remains of 0846, and with help from Ferrari S.p.A. who recast suspension uprights, commissioned Sal Barone, Alberto Pedretti, Bob Wallace and John Hadduk Jr. to restore 0846 to original specifications.

XVII Giro di Sicilia Official Program"

In an email dated 6/10/2005 Joanne Marshall of Ferrari S.p.A. wrote: "We confirm that, as far as our factory records are concerned, the chassis in question (0846) was totally written off in 1967 after the Le Mans incident." Glickenhaus has never disputed this but believes that the remains of 0846, including 80+% of it's original chassis survived and that those and other remains of 0846 are currently in the car that he owns.

The document P3/4 Chassis 0846 summarizes Glickenhaus' beliefs.

A letter from Ferrari S.p.A., dated September 29th, 2004, Subject: P3/4 Chassis no. 0846:

Dear Mr. Glickenhaus,

We wish to thank you for the extensive dossier you have sent regarding the above mentioned vehicle that as confirmed on our letter dated October 5th, we have examined in detail. The car was built on February 1966 as a P3 version and during its racing period, officially managed by the Factory, it went though several modifications in order to race the 24 hours of Daytona in 1967 as a P3/4. We also confirm that, as reported in your dossier, the car caught fire during the 24 hours of Le Mans. It was then totally dismantled and because of the extended damages detected, the factory decided not to perform any repair and to write off the chassis no. 0846. If some of the remaining components such as engine and gearbox were considered as possible spare parts, the chassis, because of its racing history and the fire damages suffered, was definitively scrapped. Therefore eventual pieces retrieved from the trash container should not have been used to rebuild or to revival a car which was written off, if this is the case. We all would like to see forever these glorious pieces but unfortunately the chassis no. 0846 had a sad conclusion.

Yours faithfully, Ferrari Classiche, Umberto Masoni"

This letter confirms that 0846's chassis was written off and scrapped, not melted into oblivion. For many years this is ALL and Exactly what Glickenhaus posited happened: That his car contains 80+% of the chassis remains of P 3/4 0846 among other original parts. He's never disputed that as far a Ferrari is concerned 0846 was written off/scrapped and under Ferrari's authentication definitions his car could not be authenticated by them. Glickenhaus is not the one who retrieved the chassis remains of 0846 "from the trash container" and used them to "to rebuild or to revival a car which was written off..." but he was the one who discovered exactly where the chassis remains of 0846 wound up and to insure that Umberto's wish: "We all would like to see forever these glorious pieces..." remains possible
Feedback regarding the above should be directed at Jim Glickenhaus

05/may/31-jun/05 Targa Florio/Giro di Sicilia Revival Jim Glickenhaus #090

Mauro Forghieri's Assessment:

From: Mauro Forghieri <mafo@*****.it>
To: Steven Robertson <robertson365@***.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 10 May 2016, 16:27:51 BST
Subject: P4

Gent.mo Sig. Robertson

Io penso che lei sia il maggiore esperto di P4 esistente.La serie di foto che mi ha inviato mi hanno fatto enorme piacere, in particolare quella della 412 s/n854 prima nuda e poi in restauro. Le devo comunque fare osservare che sia la vettura di Glinkenhaus che la vera P4 s/n 0858 non hanno il tubo da lei indicato con le frecce rosse nella foto n 4(412 P s/n0854 ) mentre hanno il tubo che lei indica sempre con le frecce nella foto n 3(dp3 arrows).
Questo diversa soluzione Ŕ dovuta alle differenze tra motore 412 e 330. La parte posteriore del telaio della falsa P4 di Glinkenhaus Ŕ stata fatta nuova e questi particolari non potevano sfuggire ai carrozzieri, che avevano giÓ costruito vere P4. E'nella parte anteriore che non Ŕ stata rifatta, che mi sembra sia la maggiore distanza dal vero.Lei dimostra comunque che la vettura di Glinkenhaus non Ŕ una P4 originale con le sue foto relative al motore,ed inoltre la posizione della stessa Ferrari, che ha negato il numero a cui Ŕ molto affezzionato Glinkenhaus,e la mia stessa convinzione negativa e quanto asserito da altri non dovrebbe fare credere che questa vettura possa essere considerata originale.
Io non sono potuto andare in Sicilia per motivi di salute e di lavoro, ma sar˛ a Montecarlo. Ho cercato di fare chiarezza sui due tipi di telaio per evitarle commenti e problematiche.

Grazie per tutto con infinite cordialitÓ e rispetto

       Mauro Forghieri

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