0724TR 58
Ferrari 250 TR Scaglietti Spyder, LHD
Information from the 0710TR factory test sheets
engine type 128 LM
power 287 hp @ 7200 rpm
bore x stroke 73x58
ccm 2953
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Ecurie Francorchamps, Brussels, B  
58/jan - Brussels show car on the Equipe National Belge stand  
7th OA Goodwood
Sussex Trophy
Willy Mairesse #58 FR p..
58/apr/12 9th OA
6th S+2.0
British Empire Trophy
Oulton Park
Alain de Changy #70  
58/apr/19 5th OA Aintree 200 Willy Mairesse #86  
58/may/03 dns
Daily Express Trophy
Willy Mairesse
(Lucien Bianchi)
58/may/18 5th OA
5th S+1.5
Grand Prix Spa Lucien Bianchi #11 Delsaux p177 "BO 98194"
58/jun/21-22 accident
lap 33
24h Le Mans Lucien Bianchi /
Willy Mairesse
#58 MK 2/89 p109
EF p104 FaLM p39
58/aug/10 dns
Karlskoga Kanonloppet
Lucien Bianchi #7  
58 - John 'Buck' Fulp, Anderson, SC, USA, white with dark stripe  
59/mar/21 dns
12h Sebring Buck Fulp #82 TRJF p80
60/jul/31 5th OA
5th O2L
USAC Road America 200 miles,
Elkhart Lake
Skip Hudson #26
59 - Alan Connell, Ft. Worth, TX, USA  
6. - engine installed in Connell's Maserati Birdcage s/n 2461
.. - engine installed in 0666 (250 TR)  
61/jul/23 Meadowdale, race 5 Alan Connell #55
85 - Willis Murphey, Ft. Worth, TX, USA  
11/feb - Paul E. Andrews, Jr., Ft. Worth, TX, USA - paid $10,0mio  
1. - completely restored by Paul Russell  
14 - Harry Yeaggy, OH, USA  
14/aug/17 2nd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-3 Harry Yeaggy /
Willis Murphy Jr.


Jacques Swaters claims that his 250TR's were 0724TR and 0736TR although several sources list his cars as 0718TR and 0736TR.



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