0560MD 55   *** 6th ***
500 Mondial Scaglietti Spider S2, RHD
Chassis Tipo 510 
Engine Tipo 111 
Transaxle Tipo 509
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Scuderia Ferrari  
55/jul/17 2nd OA 1st IC Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Olivier Gendebien #160 FY55
1955 2nd Imola Maglioli #58  
04/apr/26 - a chassis together with other parts apparently stamped '0560MD' is auctioned at Bonhams Hendon sale; the given catalogue descripition says:

"Upon the chassis frame's front cross-member are surviving very faint traces of a chassis serial number stamping which is believed to be that applied to chassis '0560MD'. Not only Mr Derek Lees and ourselves but also several Ferrari specialists who have closely examined the frame while it has been in our hads believe this to be probably the genuine marking on this structure."

The history is given as such:


56 - Antonio de Borges Barreto, P
57 - Ico Ferreira, Sao Paulo, BR

"After his death Barreto's '0560' was lost to public gaze within Europe, and it was in fact sold to Portuguese-speaking Brazil. There it was owned and campaigned by Ico Ferreira, entered under the auspices of the Sao Paulo Automovil Club and was co-driven in the 1957 Buenos Aires 1,000 Kilometres Wolrd Championship-qualifiying sports car race by Herminio Ferreira Filho and Godofredo Vianna, finishing in a worthy ninth place overall."


Barreto died at 6h Forez race on May 30th 1957. The Buenos Aires 1000km were held on January 20th 1957, so something is mixed in this story.

57/jan/20 9th OA 1000km Buenos Aires Herminio Ferreira / Godofredo Vianna #36 C162 p53
5. - tail fins removed, bodywork modified to more standard Monza appearance
5. - Gimenez Lopes, BR - for Fritz D'Orey, BR  
58/dec/07 1st Circuito da Barra da Tijuca Fritz d'Orey #36 C188 p53
78/nov - Derek Lees, UK via Antique Automobiles Ltd., UK
04/apr/26 - S - Bonhams Hendon auction - PDS 353,500 + VAT
04/apr/26 - Jose Albuquerque, P



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