Ferrari 500 Mondial Spyder S2 Scaglietti

0528MD 1955   *** 2nd ***
500 Mondial Spyder S2 Scaglietti, RHD
Chassis Tipo 510
Engine Tipo 111
Transaxle Tipo 509
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1955 - Conte Carlo Leto de Priolo, Milano, I C61 p17
1955/apr/30 dnf (engine)
Mille Miglia Carlo Leto di Priolo #644 "BO 46422" prova        Red Arrows p248
1955/may/15 dnf (engine) Bari GP Carlo Leto di Priolo #20  
1955/may/29 dnf (engine) III. GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Carlo Leto di Priolo #32  
1955/jun - returned the car to the factory and demanded and received their money back
Three blown engines in three races were too many
1955/jun - Antonio Pucci, I  
1955/jun/19 5th GP Tunisi Antonio Pucci #..  
1955/aug/21 ... Giro delle Calabria Antonio Pucci #..  
1955/oct/16 dnf Targa Florio Cortese / 
Antonio Pucci
1955 - Mario Lopez da Costa, Macau  
1955/nov/05 dnf (engine) GP Macau Lopez da Costa #14  
1956/nov/04 2nd OA GP Macau Lopez da Costa    
195. - George Baker, HK
1957/dec/01 dnf GP Macau George Baker #9 FY57
1959/aug/30   Gilman Trophy,
Hong Kong
George Baker #6 FY59
(58 - 1st OA - Wigram - Ken Harris, NZ #29) FY58
1960 - Martin T. Redfern, HK   
19.. - 3-litre 750 Monza engine installed
196. - Chan Lye Choon, Singapore
196. - Jan Bussell, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1960/nov/06 3rd OA Macau GP Jan Bussell    
1961 GP Singapore Jan Bussell
1973/apr   Kuala Lumpur Jan Bussell    
197. - Ken Smith and Graeme Lawrence, Auckland, NZ - ship the car to NZ  
1986/aug - without body, located in New Zealand by David Cottingham with 750 Monza,  motor serial 0528Md  
1986/aug - David Cottingham, UK
198. - Cedric Brierly, UK - unrestored
1992/nov - Helmut Gossens, Krefeld, D  
1994 - restored by DK Engineering, Watford, UK - with 750 Monza engine  
1995/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Helmut Gossens / Wanke #308 "KR-MD 528"
1997/feb - offered for $400,000.-  
1997/feb - Dieter Roschmann, Gersthofen, D  
1997/may/17-18 Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, Monza Dieter Roschmann
1999/jul/02-04 dns Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Dieter Roschmann
1999/nov/06-07   Tutte le Ferrari a Vallelunga Dieter Roschmann #143  
2001/may/17-19 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Martin Wolgschaft #184 C124 p21
2001/jul - offered by ProTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D - asking $650,000.-  
2001/oct - still offered by Urban proTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D C125 p56
2002/may/02-04 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Dominik Roschmann #242
2003/may/22-24 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Roschmann #352
2005/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann #333
2005/jul/20-23 149th Ennstal Classic Dieter Roschmann / Seidenfaden #74
2007/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Roschmann #316
2009/may/14-16 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Martin Wolgschaft #292 C172 p24, 27
2011/may/12-15 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Carolin Roschmann #325
2012/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Dieter Roschmann / Ulrich Boenisch #325
2013/jun/28   Vernasca Silver Flag Dieter Roschmann #147  
2019/may/31   Gaisbergrennen Dieter Roschmann #157  




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