0518M 55
750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti, RHD 
Yellow with dark nose band
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Jacques Swaters, Brussels, B - Ecurie Nationale Belge  
55/mar/13 5th OA GP Dakar Jacques Swaters #27  
55/may/08 3rd OA
3rd S+2.6
GP des Voitures de Serie Tourisme et Sport, Spa Roger Laurent #34 EF p58  Delsaux p121, 124       Émotion Ferrari p121
55/may/15 acc. GP Bari Johnny Claes
(Roger Laurent)
55 - rebodied with a more oval grill and larger side air intakes
55/may/29 acc. GP des Frontières, Chimay Jacques Swaters #2 Émotion Ferrari p128 
55/jun/26 dns GP Portugal,
Johnny Claes    
55/sep/17 13th OA
9th S3.0
Tourist Trophy, Dundrod Jacques Swaters /    Johnny Claes #7 C113 p24   C182 p49 (identified as 0552M)
56/feb/26 acc. GP Agadir André Pilette #6 C152 p5      C164 p15
56 - rebodied like 500 TR by Scaglietti  
56/may/05 ???
Daily Express Trophy, Silverstone André Pilette #29
56/jun/10 4th OA 4th S3.0 1000km Paris, Monthlery André Pilette /
#9 SuR p139
56/jun/17 6th OA GP Porto
Circuito da Boavista
André Pilette #12  
56/jul/07 10th GP Rouen Rousselle #36  
Swedish GP, Kristianstad de Changy /
#36 EF p54
C43 p35
57 - John Kilborn, Decatur, IL, USA
57/may/26 1st OA Milwaukee John Kilborn #10 C154 p55    C163 p11
57/jun/16 10th Rib Mountain hillclimb John Kilborn #10 FY57
57/jun/23 27th OA Road America, Elkhart Lake, race 4 John Kilborn #10
58/jun/22 Road America, Elkhart Lake, race 4 John Kilborn #10
58 - Dean Knight, OK, USA  
59/nov/07 1st Oklahoma City novice race George Global #711  
59/nov/08   Oklahoma City race 6 Dean Knight #711  
59/nov/08 3rd Oklahoma City main Jim Hall #711  
.. - Chevy V8 installed  
.. - David Piper, GB  
81 - Karl Bloechle, Zurich, CH  "ZH 311027" 
8. - 275 GTB engine installed (from Herbert Cilly, Sportgarage, Urdorf, CH)  
81/aug/08-09 23rd FISA Cup, Zolder Karl Bloechle #36 HCR No.1 p107
81/aug/15-16 2nd IC Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Karl Bloechle #42 HCR No.1 p141
82   Mille Miglia Bloechle /
82/aug/07-08 7th IC FIA Cup, Zolder Karl Bloechle #104
82/aug/14-15 3rd IC Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Karl Bloechle #99
84 - Paul Kunkel, UK - maroon  "510 JLB"
84   Mille Miglia Kunkel /
87   Mille Miglia Kunkel /
89   Mille Miglia Kunkel /
90   Mille Miglia Kunkel /
92/sep/26 FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Paul Kunkel C74 p12
93 - CFF25  
98/jun/12-14 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Paul Kunkel
01/dec/03 - S - Bonhams Olympia auction - for 342.000,-£ plus commission  
01/dec/03 - Dan Ghose, Norfolk, CT, USA  
02/may/02-04 Mille Miglia Ghose /
03/may/22-24 Mille Miglia Ghose /
04/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Dan Ghose /        Cromie #136 C163 p11
04/may/06-09 Mille Miglia Ghose /
04/aug/14-15   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Dan Ghose #27  
06/jul/23 6th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Lime Rock, drum brake race 1, class 2A Dan Ghose #27
06/jul/23 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Lime Rock, drum brake race 2, class 2A Dan Ghose #27
08/aug/13-15 dns Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca, class 1B Dan Ghose #12
10/aug/12-15 dns Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca, race 3B Dan Ghose #17




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