0440MD 54
see chassis stamping ... is stamped MD
Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
engine tipo 105
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - SF FY54
54/may/21 dnf 3h Bari Umberto Maglioli    
54/jun/20 1st OA
GP Autodromo Imola Umberto Maglioli #36
54/jun/27 2nd OA GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Froilan Gonzales /
Maurice Trintignant
#10 1000km di Monza p17, 18
54/jul/03-04 dnf
12h Reims Umberto Maglioli /
54/jul/25   GP Portugal,
Froilan Gonzales #4
54/aug/08  1st
Circuito di Senigallia Umberto Maglioli    or 0432M ?
dns GP Bremgarten,
Toulo de Graffenried #88 "BE 93"
54/sep/11 2nd OA Tourist Trophy Dundrod Mike Hawthorn /
Maurice Trintignant
#15 C113 p23
55/jan/23 dnq
push start
1000km Buenos Aires Umberto Maglioli  / Bucci #20
54 - Scuderia Los Amigos, F  
55 - Messier disc brakes fitted; factory installed  
55/feb/27 dnf Critérium International de Vitesse d'Agadir Jean Lucas #11  
55/mar/13 7th OA 2h Dakar Jean Lucas #21  
55/may/08 dnf
GP des Voitures de Serie Tourisme et Sport,
Jean Lucas #31 Émotion Ferrari p121   Delsaux p121
55/may/15 4th OA
4th S+2.0
GP di Bari Emmanuel de Graffenried #14  
55/may/29 dnf  III. GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Jean Lucas /
Nano da Silva Ramos
#52 1000km di Monza p20
55/jun/11-12 dnf
lap 104
24h Le Mans Jean Lucas /
#12 FaLM p26
55/jul/24 dnf
III. GP de Lisboa,
Monsanto Park
Jean Lucas #16  
55   12h Reims Jean Lucas /
Harry Schell
55/aug/20 dnf
oil leak
lap 184
9h Goodwood Jean Lucas /
Harry Schell
#8 C146 p52 SuR p130
55/aug/27 dnf S+2.0 Daily Herald Trophy,
Oulton Park
Jean Lucas #32
55/sep/03 4th OA
4th S+2.0
Aintree Harry Schell #73  
55/sep/17 ... Tourist Trophy,
Jean Lucas /
Alfonso de Portago
55/nov/06 3rd OA  
I. GP Venezuela
Caracas - Los Proceres
Emmanuel de Graffenried #16 white center srtripe
55/dec/09 dns
Nassau Speed Week Jean Lucas #80 TB0153
not repaired after the Caracas crash
56/jan/29 dnf
rear axle
1000km Buenos Aires Lino Fayen /
Dos Santos
#30 C77 p26 (painted white)
56/feb/26 4th OA GP Agadir Jean Lucas #7 FY56       C152 p5
56/mar/11 4th OA GP Dakar Jean Lucas    
56 5th Circuito di Cannes Jean Lucas    
56/jun/10 dnf
acc. S3.0
1000km Paris,
Pierre Meyrat /
56/jun/30 dnf
12h Reims Jean Lucas /          Harry Schell #8  
56/jul/08 2nd GP Rouen Jean Lucas #34   
56/jul/22 10th OA GP Bari 3000 Pierre Meyrat #66
56/dec/07 dns Nassau Speed Week Jean Lucas #3
56 - Don Vitale, Waterbury, CT, USA via Chinetti  
57/mar/23 dns / reserve
12h Sebring Pauley /
Vitale /
57/apr/27 5th OA
1st DM
SCCA Lime Rock,
race 7
Don Vitale #69  
57/apr/28 9th OA
2nd DM
SCCA Lime Rock,
race 10
Don Vitale #69  
57 - Frank Adams, USA  
57/jun/29 ... SCCA Reginal Thompson,
race 3
Frank Adams #120  
57/jun/30 4th OA
1st DM
SCCA Thompson,
race 6
Frank Adams #120  
57/jul/07 3rd OA
1st DM
SCCA Lime Rock,
race 6
Frank Adams #97  
57/aug/18 8th OA
5th DM
SCCA Montgomery,
race 7
Frank Adams #59   
57/sep/21 9th OA
3rd DM
SCCA Watkins Glen GP Frank Adams #132 NASCR p225
57/sep/29   Bridgehampton Frank Adams #64  
5. - William B. Jacobs, Joliet, IL, USA
5. - Chevy V8 engine installed
58/sep/07 dnf USAC Lime Rock William Jacobs #26
58/dec/05 25 Lap Governor's Trophy, Nassau William Jacobs #56 BSW p125
58/dec/07 dns Nassau Trophy William Jacobs #56
71 - Richard Saunders, USA  
81 - Robert Ames, Tigard, OR, USA  
8. - restored by Terry Hoyle, UK  
.. - fitted with engine 0516M (750 Monza)  
89 - Robert Brooks, UK  
89   Mille Miglia Robert Brooks /
Van Doorn
  MM89 p166, p95
90 Mille Miglia Robert Brooks /
90 - Evert Louwman, NL (Toyota importer for the Netherlands)  
91 - restored by Terry Hoyle, engine blew in its first vintage race FOC 100 p19
TCC 4/93 p24
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Robert Brooks
93/jul/24-25 Historic Festival, Silverstone
94/jun/20-21 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Evert Louwman
95/jun/24-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Evert Louwman
98/sep/18-20 Goodwood Revival Meeting Robert Ames #31
98/dec/19 - wdn - Brooks Gstaad Ferrari Auction  
99/sep/17-19   Goodwood Revival Meeting Jochen Mass #14 C115 p55
02/sep/06-08 Goodwood Revival Meeting Jochen Mass / Wilson #12
05/sep/16-18 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Freddie March Memorial Trophy Robert Brooks #16




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