0419GT 55/aug/30
Ferrari 250 Europa GT Coupe S2 PF, LHD
Two-tone green over gray/gray leather
engine 0419 GT with 250 MM specifications (straight port head)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Ecurie Francorchamps, B
56/jan - Brussels show car FY56
56 - Leon Dernier, B - Equipe National Belge  
56 Tour de Belgique Leon Dernier
56 - raced at several events
.. - Count d'Assche, B
.. - Van Peenen, B
72 - Paul F. Schouwenburg, NL - unregistered
72/apr/06 - Edo Ansaloni, I - unrestored, 42,000m 
9. - Andrea Auletta, I - silver/red PH94 p17
- restoration started, engine & mechanics done by Off. Sauro, Bologna, I
00/dec - Dirk Libeert, B  
02/oct/19 Brussels Retro Festival Dirk Libeert
03/apr/25-27 Spa Ferrari Days Dirk Libeert
07 - Kenneth B. Roath, Newport Beach, CA, USA
07-08 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, certified
09/apr/24-26 Trofeo BMW Group Classic Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Kenneth Roath #52 C172 p20
09/aug/14 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Kenneth Roath
10/jan/23 Excellence Cup XIX. Cavallino Classic Kenneth & Dayle Roath C176 p34
10/jan/23 Platinum XIX. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Kenneth & Dayle Roath
10/jan/24 Ladies Choice Classic Sports Sunday, Mar-a-Lago Kenneth & Dayle Roath C176 p42
10/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Kenneth & Dayle Roath
11/may/12-15 Mille Miglia Kenneth Roath / William Story #286
11/sep//02-04 1st IC 2nd Uniques Special Ones Concours d'Elegance, Firenze, Gran Turismo Coupes class Kenneth Roath
11/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia Kenneth Roath C186 p52
12/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Kenneth Roath / William Story #261
12/aug/17 Concorso Italiano, Laguna Seca Golf Ranch Ken Roath
12/aug/17 Best of Show FCA Pacific Region Vintage Concours, Concorso Italiano, Laguna Seca Golf Ranch Ken Roath C191 p68
14/may/15-18 210th Mille Miglia Ken Roath /
William Story
#372 C203 p24-27
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