375 Indianapolis


0388 54/jan/22
375 Monoposto Indianapolis
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
54/feb/06-14 - displayed by Chinetti at New York Intnernational Auto Show
54/may dnq Indianapolis 500 Freddie Agabashian/ Bill Boyd
55/feb 1st IC Daytona Speed Week Bob Said
56 Daytona Speed Week Bill Holland
56/mid - rented to John Edgar, Encino, CA, USA for Carroll Shelby
56/jul/15 1st SCCA Mount Washington hillclimb Carroll Shelby #91
56/jul/20 1st SCCA Golden Jubilee run, Giants Despair hillclimb Carroll Shelby #91
56/aug/05 1st SCCA Breakneck climb, Cumberland Carroll Shelby #91
58 - engine capacity reduced to 4.2-litres, repainted white/blue
58/jun/29 12th OA 500 Miles of Monza, heat 1 Harry Schell #16
58/jun/29 13th OA 500 Miles of Monza, heat 2 Harry Schell #16
58/jun/29 dns 500 Miles of Monza, heat 3 Harry Schell #16
60 - rebuilt at factory with 4.5-litre engine, new body by Fantuzzi
6./late - bought by Dieter Holterbosch, Long Island, NY, USA, the German Löwenbräu beer importer for the East Coast
01 - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
0. - anonymous, HK
08/feb/15 - Christian Knobloch, Wien, A
08-10 - completely restored by Ferrari Classiche, new no. stamped on engine and certified as 0388 C187 p51


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