0268AM 53
340 MM Touring Spyder, RHD
Sole surviving Superleggera 340
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Scuderia Ferrari  
broken differential at Ravenna
Mille Miglia Giuseppe Farina /
Luigi Parenti
#615 "BO 22107" LTM p139
FEO p484
Red Arrows p106, 234
LFMM p80
CR3 p115
CR3 p115
FEO p484, 320
53 - Pierre Boncompagni, F - alias "Pagnibon"  
53/may/31 1st
Coppa di Paris,
fatal accident
acc+ 12h d'Hyères "Pagnibon"   Émotion Ferrari p84, 85
53 - This chassis, with serious front end damage, was returned to the Factory where Luigi Chinetti spied it. He had it rebuilt and imported it.  
55/dec/03 7th OA
1st EM
Palm Springs
Preliminary race 6
Jack Brumby #107 most likely this was 0342M
56/jan/14 10th OA
1st EM
Torrey Pines
6 hour
Jack Brumby
#53 this was 0342M
TES p13
56/jan/15 10th OA
1st EM
Torrey Pines
1 hour Sports +1500
Jack Brumby #53 this was 0342M
TES p13
59/may/31 11th Santa Barbara
Jack Brumby #162 PH52 p25
59/jun/21 dnf Hourglass Field
WCC Round 9
Jack Brumby #262  
59/sep/06 7th
2nd CM
Santa Barbara
Jack Brumby #162  
.. - Cunningham Museum, CA, USA  
81/oct - $90,000 - Bobileff Motorcar, CA, USA  
83/jun - $125,000 - Don Young, CA, USA  
88/jul - offered by Stephen Forristall's G.T. Cars, Houston, TX, USA CaS 7/88 p133
8. - Erich Traber, Bern, CH
90/may/25 - NS - The Sportscar Geneva Auction - highbid $1,938,750.-  
91/mar/31 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - highbid $1,964,285.-  
91/aug - offered for $2,150,000.-  
91/oct - offered by Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA, USA for $2,15mio C65 p56
92/mar - $1,300,000 - 8/92  
92/dec - $ 985,000.-  Fantasy Junction, CA, USA  
94/may - $ 725,000.-  
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Erich Traber #615 C84 p33
95 - Eric Zausner, SF, CA, USA  
95/sep/18-23 Colorado Grand Eric Zausner #067 C90 p10
96/may/09-12 Mille Miglia  Zausner /
#274 C94 p15    "19852 (CA)"
96/sep/16-21 Colorado Grand Eric & Andrew Zausner C96 p19
97/sep/15-20 Colorado Grand Eric Zausner /
Guy Beatty
97 - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA  
05/aug/21 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Eric Zausner
06/aug/20 display Pebble Beach Concours, Ferrari Classiche Display Eric Zausner
07/may/20 - S - RM's Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction - € 2,352mio incl. comm. + VAT on comm.
07/may/20 - Gregorio Pérez Companc, ARG
07/jun/24 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Gregorio Pérez Companc




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