0263EU 52
Ferrari 212 Europa PF Coupe, LHD
3 piece rear window, fog lights 
triple chrome bars on bonnet 
PF job no. 10927 
no. interno: 176
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Geneva show car
53/apr - Torino show car  
53 - Pierre Guichenne, Paris, F
58 - for sale at Joseph Cattaneo's garage, St. Cloud, Paris, F - 15,000miles
58/apr - Frank T. Butler, Verdun, F (Amercan living in France at this time)
60 - refurbished at factory and repainted red
61 - Ed. Gaus, F
62 - exported to New Jersey by Gaus
65 - Mitchell Cahn, Bellerose, NY, USA
74 - Alvin Meyer, Port Washington, NY, USA TF p84          "ALV (NY)"
81/sep - offered by Motor Classic Corp., White Plains, NY, USA for $25,000 - Silver with new red leather. Excellent paint, chrome and Borranis; rebuilt engine FML 0619
82 - Anthony Wang, NY, NY, USA
85/dec/15 - offered in New York Times by Grand Prix SSR, East Setauket, NY, USA Silver with red interior. Excellent original car
86 - Tom Davis, Manalapan, FL, USA  FML 1114
86/aug - offered for $75,000 by Foreign Cars Italia, Greensboro, NC, USA on consignment from Tom Davis  
86/oct - offered for $90,000 by Jess Pourret  
90/nov - offered for $750,000 -  Larry Simon, PA, USA - 717-424-9721  
90 - Wayne Obry, J. Kies, B. Murphy, Neenah, WI, USA FML V18N19 p6
PH112 p12 C102 p34-40
90 completely restored to a 100 point "Pebble Beach" quality restoration on this car. Sold to Carl Cleaver, Wisconsin. Restored by Motion Products.
93/aug/22 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Wayne Obry /
John Kies /
B. Murphy
94/feb/12 Cavallino Cup III. Cavallino Classic John Kies
94/feb/12 Excellence Cup III. Cavallino Classic John Kies
94/feb/12 1st IC III. Cavallino Classic, class 1 John Kies
94/aug/24 1st IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 2 Wayne Obry /        John Kies /          B. Murphy
95/feb/11 IV. Cavallino Classic Wayne Obry & John Kies C86 p10
95/aug/06 Meadow Brook Hall Concours Wayne Obry /              John Kies /
B. Murphy
00/feb - offered by Mike Sheehan, CA, USA for $395,000.- C116 p11
00/aug - Richard Fraser, Boca Grande, FL, USA  
02/mar/10 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Richard Fraser
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Helen T. Fraser
11/jan/21 Peoples' Choice Award XX. Cavallino Classic, ShowBoats International Yacht Hop Helen T. Fraser C182 p29
11/jan/22 Platinum XX. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Helen T. Fraser
14/... - Brendan Gallaher and Michel Stern, Bend, OR, USA
14/... - Restoration work completed by Motion Products  
15/jan/24   Cavallino Classic Brendon Gallaher    
15/jan/24   Mar-A-Lago Brendon Gallaher    
15/apr/26 Class 1 Platino Concorso Ferrari Brendon Gallaher    
15/aug/16   Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance
Class M1 – Ferrari Grand Touring
Brendan Gallaher and Michel Stern, Bend    
16/aug/19-10 - RM Sotheby's Monterey Auction
Lot 131 - Est. $1,300,000 - $1,600,000 - Not Sold High bid $1,100,000
17/mar/06 - offered via Fantasy Junction, asking $1,595,000
18/jan/13-21 - Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale
Lot 1378
Sold $1,100,000

Note the wonderful memories of Frank Butler has about his car (Jan.'05):

"I bought the car in Paris from a used car dealer affiliated with the Ferrari garage there, and located right behind it in the St. Cloud area. That was mid April 1958 and the car had the equivalent of 15,000 miles on it. Previously, I had a MB 190 SL that I picked up new at the factory in Sindelfingen (by Stuttgart). My first drive back home from Paris was a little tough as this was the first car I had that you had to double-clutch (and a very stiff one too!!). It steered like a truck, no power steering in those days. Anyway, I was tired out by the time I got home in Verdun. We went to all the races within driving distance such as LeMans, the 1000KM races at the Nurburgring and Spa, the GP´s at Nurbergring, Spa, Riems,Monaco etc. A spring leaf broke one time on the way home in the left rear and I had to back off and drive a little slower until I got home and got it replaced. Found out from that experience that you have to keep an eye on those Houdaille shocks as the tend to leak out the fluid to the point where they just don´t work anymore. Have to top them off periodically with a real thick fluid. I used to get about 16-18 MPG on the autobahns (not flat-out) and around 10 MPG around town. You also had to avoid traffic as the car boils over if you get hung up in traffic. The thing has no regular thermostat, just an adjustable by-pass valve that you have to change for every variation in how you intend to drive it. In ´59, I repaired the carb´s as a couple of springs were broken and they needed cleaning out. Also had leaks in the oil radiator and gas tank. Replaced the ignition wiring and installed an air-horn. In 1960, I took the Ferrari to Maranello and had some work done on it and got it re-painted firehouse red (as a Ferrari should be). In 1961, I sold the car as I had bought a MB 300SL and couldn´t handle two cars. I sold it to a guy named Ed. Gaus and a year later, he took the car back to the states with him to New Jersey.



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