0254MM 53/jan/53
Ferrari 250 MM PF Berlinetta, RHD
PF job no. 11190
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Count Paolo Marzotto, Valdagno, I  
53/apr/12 - for SF dnf
XIII. Giro di Sicilia Paolo Marzotto /
Giovanni Bracco
#447 FEO p475
severely damaged in a fire
Mille Miglia Paolo Marzotto /
Marino Marini "Zignago"
#543 FY53
FEO p318
LFMM p74   Red Arrows p101, 100, 230  
"BO 21592" Prova
53 - entirely new body built after the fire: PF job no. 12241  
5. - sold by Marzotto Brothers to unknown owner from Rome "Roma 217082"
5. - Conte Innocente Baggio, I
54/may/01-02 19th OA 4th S+2.0 Mille Miglia Innocente Baggio /
Eugenio Berni
#534 "TV 27794"           Red Arrows p119, 240 (identified as 0254MM)  
56/jun/15 - Hans Wirz, Zurich, CH (from car dealer Pacini & "Pagnibon" Boncompagni in Rome) C66 p16-19    "ZH 61389"
56/sep/23 1st IC Mitholz-Kandersteg hillclimb Hans Wirz #112
57/jun/02 1st IC Campione Slalom Hans Wirz
57/jun/20-23 Geneva Rallye Hans Wirz
57/jul 1st IC Le Landeron-Ligniéres hillclimb Hans Wirz
57/aug/25 1st IC 3:59 Großer Bergpreis der Schweiz, Tiefencastel-Lenzerheide Hans Wirz #120 C66 p16
57/sep 1st IC Martigny-Forclaz hillclimb Hans Wirz C66 p19
57/sep/22 1st IC Mitholz-Kandersteg hillclimb Hans Wirz
57 1st Swiss GT Championship Hans Wirz #95 FY57
58/may/15 3rd IC
Internationales Flugplatzrennen,
Hans Wirz #33
58/jul/20 1st IC La Rochette hillclimb Hans Wirz
58/jul/20 - destroyed in a fire after hitting a tree just after crossing the finish line  
58 - after this Wirz bought 250MM s/n 0298MM
66/jun - $2.500 - Gilles Cassani, 10, Avenue Vibert, Carouge, Geneve, CH  
80 - engine sold to Edi Wyss, CH
93 - Peter Heuberger, Oberramsern, CH  
.. - ................., Zurich, CH

15 - 0254MM being completely rebuilt with original remains and with original engine 0254 MM, by Edi Wyss Engineering, CH





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