0202A 52
Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta Vignale, RHD 
French blue
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Scuderia Ferrari  
52/jun/14-15 5th OA
2nd S5.0
24h Le Mans André Simon /
Lucien Vincent
#14 FaLM p14    FbV p131 Émotion Ferrari p68
52 - René Marchand, Paris, F
52/jun/29 2nd Circuit Bressuire René Marchand #11
52/aug/10 dnf Circuito di Senigallia
Piero Carini #2
52/sep/21 6th OA Coupe d'Automne +2.0, Monthléry Lucien Vincent #137
52/oct/05 Coupe du Salon,
René Marchand was 0116A
52/nov/19-23 dna Carrera Panamericana René Marchand
53 - refurbished at factory, repainted rosso scuro
53 - Bill Devin, Lytle Creek Canyon, CA, USA via Luigi Chinetti
53/apr/12 6th OA
Lone Star National Sports Car Races,
Bergstrom AFB,
race 4 S+1.5
Jack McAfee #75 FMT p52    R&R p31, 32
53 - Ernie McAfee, L.A., CA, USA
53 - Masten Gregory, Kansas City, MO, USA
53/sep/20 3rd OA
2nd CM
Madera Road Race, CA
Modified +1.5
Masten Gregory #78 SuR p54
TCF p52
R&T 9/52
54/may/02 2nd OA
2nd CM
SCCA Regional Iowa
Iwoa Trophy
Masten Gregory #82
5. - heavily crashed
55 - George T. Sawyer, Lafayette, CA, USA
55 - rebuilt into "340 Mexico Special" with "envelope body"  
55/mar/20 dns SCCA Stockton S+1.5 George Sawyer #106 was 0224AT
55/may/01 dna SCCA National Bakersfield
George Sawyer #106  
55/jun/05 ... Santa Rosa
George Sawyer #106
55/aug/21 Buchanan Field  George Sawyer #106
58 - Bill Owens, Houston, TX, USA
58 - Chevy V8 engine installed
Original engine sold around ’61 to Hall-Shelby Sports Cars, Dallas, later to Lee Sturtevant, IL who kept it until ’65
.. - following a crash a Devin Spyder fiberglass body was mounted C117 p9
59/mar/18 Mansfield, LA Andy Herron #15  
63/jul/15 - ..............., UT (titled as a 1958 Devin Roadster, s/n U17997)
.. - John Douglas, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
.. - Jerry Klous, Lake Forest, IL, USA
91 - Mike Sanfilippo, IL, USA ... Purchased for $200
06/jun/20 - Devin body on 0202A chassis (highly modified) auctioned on ebay for $26.912.- C155 p27
06/jun/20 - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA
06/aug/18 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Tom Shaughnessy FW No. 63 p66
19/aug/08   Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance Tom Shaughnessy    
21/may/14-22 - Mecum “Mecum Gallery Exposition”, Indianapolis.
Lot MG1
21/aug/13 - Mecum Monterey Auction
Lot F74




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