0188F 52
500/625 Formula 2 1
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52 - Giovanni Caprara, I for Bobbie Baird, Belfast, Northern Irland for Roy Salvadori
.. - Baird tried it out and enjoyed the car so much that he decided to race it himself!  
53/may/09 13th Daily Express Trophy F2 final, Silverstone Bobbie Baird #28
54 - Reginald Parnell, UK - who installed a 625 2.5 litre F1 engine.  
54/apr/19 1st Goodwood Trophy Reg Parnell #17
54/may/15 dnf Daily Express Trophy, Silverstone Reg Parnell #26
54/jun/19 1st B.A.R.C. Trophy, Crystal Palace Reg Parnell #2
54/jul/17 dnf R.A.C. British GP, Silverstone Reg Parnell
54/aug/01 1st F1 race, Crystal Palace Reg Parnell #3
54/aug/07 2nd F1 race, Oulton Park Reg Parnell #5
54/oct/02 dnf Daily Telegraph Trophy, Aintree Reg Parnell
55/may/07 dnf Daily Express Trophy, Silverstone Reg Parnell #25
55 - traded in for a 555 Supersqualo  
.. - displayed at Biscaretti Museum in Torino, I CaS 87/07

The motor is a combination of an early 500 mono block/head mounted on a tipo 111 crankcase with a serial stamp of 0574 and an internal motor number of 11M.  
It has four single throat Weber 45DOE carburetors with serial numbers 19, 1, 70, and 48.  
Probably assembled from scrap or spare parts.

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