0147E 51/mar/13
Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe Vignale, RHD 
Two-tone paint
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
52/mar/13 - Siro Sbraci, Firenze, I - paid Lit. 3,300,000 "FI 57750" FK1/90
CAS 5/90 p21
52/apr/20 3rd OA Firenze - Fiesole hillclimb Siro Sbraci
52/may/-03-04 dnf
Mille Miglia Siro Sbraci /
Sante Giudici
#559 Red Arrows p85, 222        FbV p104
53 - engine modified with 3 carbs by Garage La Rotonda, Firenze, I
53/may/31 1st IC Coppa della Toscana Siro Sbraci #929 FY53
53/oct/11 2nd Vermicino - Rocca di Papa hillclimb Siro Sbraci
54/mar/23 - Gino Casarotto, Venezia, I - paid Lit. 800,000 "VE 26260"
54/apr/11 25th OA
6th sS+750
Coppa della Toscana Gino Casarotto /
Stelio Cocconcelli
54/may/01-02 dnf Mille Miglia Gino Casarotto /
Stelio Cocconcelli
#554 "VE 26260"
54/jul/11 dnf VIII. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Gino Casarotto #106  
55/may/29 dnf GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Gino Casarotto /
Stelio Cocconcelli
#40 was 0410MD with headrest
55/sep/22 - Osvaldo Ceron, Treviso, I "TV 33468"
56/apr/18 - Emilio Micaieli, Treviso, I "TV 33468"
56/jul/05 - (Fratelli) Piero Cattelan, Udine, I "UD 34179"
61 - rebodied completed before 1963 as California Spyder by Piero Drogo with open headlights, side vents, hood scope C80 p31
65/mar/18 - Count Giovanni Lurani Cernuschi, Milano, I  
6. - Corrado Cupellini, Bergamo, I  
6. - Dan Margulies, London, GB
6. - Tony C. Heathcote-Drury, Devonshire, GB "JWT76C" 
6. - Dan Margulies, London, GB  
69 - B. Wallis, Sussex, GB 
73 - The Halfway Garage, Berkshire, GB  
73 - Dr. Raymond E. Boniface MD, Youngstown, Presidential Medical Arts, Youngstown, OH 44512, USA

other cars see below
"469 SSE" C80 p31-31
91 - restored by Joe Piscazzi's America Auto Body, Akron, OH, USA PH80 p30
98 - engine rebuilt by Wayne Obry, USA
05/may - entered in the Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge USA by Mike Sheehan
05/jun/24-26 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mont Tremblant Mike Sheehan
05/jul/07-09 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Lime Rock Mike Sheehan
05/aug/05-07 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Road America Mike Sheehan
05/aug/19 Concorso Italiano Mike Sheehan
05/oct - offered by Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA for $595,000.-
06 - R. Mark Lindman, USA
08/jan/25 11th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Motorsports Park Mark Lindman #4
08/jan/26 XVII. Cavallino Classic Mark Lindman
09/jan/23 8th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Palm Beach International Raceway, drum brake race Mark Lindman #4
12/jan/19-20 1st IC XXI. Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach International Raceway, drum brake race Mark Lindman #14
13/jan/24-25   XXII. Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach International Raceway, drum brake race Mark Lindman #14
14/jan/23-24 dns XXIII. Cavallino Classic Competition, Palm Beach International Raceway, Trofeo di Florida Mark Lindman #559  


Other Ferrari owned Raymond Boniface

1961 PF Cabrio S/N 2559GT

1962 250 GTE RHD – S/N 3481GT

1963 Lusso S/N 5101GT

1964 Lusso S/N 5379GT

1966 275 GTS S/N 7805GT

1966 275 GTB alloy S/N 8069GT

1967 330 GT S/N 8251GT

1959 PF Coupe – Light metallic Blue, Blue interior. Purchased in Pittsburgh 1978 and sold from Youngstown, OH same year

1961 250 GTE S/N 2297 – Purchased early 1974 off of used car lot in Youngstown, OH. Summer project for Raymond Boniface Jr to earn money for college. Cleaned and repainted red (Earned $200 for summer’s efforts). Sold late 1974 to General Marsh Elyria, OH who performed comprehensive restoration 1960-62 PF Cabrio – Purchased 1974 in Poland, OH for $1500. Green Met with tan vinyl interior. Poor condition. Car had wide white wall tires and JC Whitney pipe bumpers. Sold in Cleveland, OH circa 1975

1962 250 GTE RHD (Not Peter Sellers 3481GT) – Red/Black interior, racing seats and harnesses in front. Purchase 1974 from Halfway Garage in UK. Repainted white sold 1975 from Youngstown, OH

1963 250 GTE – Dk Met gray over black. Integrated front fog lamps, flush tail lamp lenses. Purchased 1971 from Elvideo Grande’s Britalia Motors in Pittsburgh, PA. Sold 1973.

1967 330 GTC – Silver/Black

1967/68 330 GTC – Silver/Tan

1967/68 330 GTC- Met Brown/Black

1967/68 330 GTS – Yellow/Black. Repainted red. Purchased 1975. Sold to Joe Marchetti Chicago, IL 1976.

1968 365 GTC – Silver/light blue

1969/70 365 GT 2+2 – Silver/Black. Purchased from Elvideo Grande Pittsburgh, PA 1975/76. Sold within one year

1969 365 GTB/4 –Light Met Blue/Tan. Perspex lamp covers, black cove stripe. Purchased 1975 from Elvideo Grande Pittsburgh, PA. Sold 1976 to Joe Marchetti Chicago, IL.

1972 365 GTB/4 S/N 16337 – Silver/Black. Imported from Trieste, Italy 1976. Repainted red 1999. Still owned in 2017


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