0064M 50
166 MM Touring Barchetta, RHD 
Long bonnet, no air scoop, leather strap, thick headlights 
Deep blue metallic with deep green metallic below the body line
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
50/jul - Gianni Agnelli, Torino, I L'idea ferrari
52 - Vicomte Gery d'Hendecourt, B via Garage Checcaci, Bologna, I
5. - upgraded to 3 carbs at Garage Francorchamps
53/may/17 1st OA Coupe du Spa Olivier Gendebien #26 "B.25406"   EF p39    C90 p46 C156 p46, 47
5. - repainted in pale blue
54/apr/12-16 dnf Rallye du Soleil, Cannes Olivier Gendebien / Gery d'Hendecourt #800 Émotion Ferrari p97
54/may/08-09 42nd OA Rallye de Sablé-Solesmes Gery d'Hendecourt / Lietart #87 Émotion Ferrari p100  EF p31
54/may/23 6th OA   
3rd S2.0
GP des Voitures de Série,
GP de Spa
Gery d'Hendecourt #10 Émotion Ferrari p103
5. - Pierre B. d'Haveloose, B  
56/mar/25 3rd IC Course de Cote de la Roche Pierre d'Haveloose "B 9615 W"
56/jun/30 4th IC Course de Cote de la Citadelle, Namur Pierre d'Haveloose #76 "B 9615 W"
5. - Armand & Jean Blaton, Brussels, B
57/mar/10 4th IC Course de Cote de Bomerée, Charleroi "Beurlys" #118 "67 J 59"
57/mar/24 2nd IC Course de Cote de La Roche "Beurlys" #185
57/mar/31 2nd IC Course de Cote de Dinant "Beurlys" #188
57/may/12 dns GP du Spa "Beurlys" #20 Delsaux p143, 149
57/jul/07 2nd MG Car Club Meeting, Zandvoort "Beurlys"
57/aug/17 1st OA Copenhagen Cup, Roskilde "Beurlys" #40  
57/oct/20 1st IC Course de Cote de Dinant "Beurlys" #40  
60 - Jowat, B
65 - Elstermans, Antwerp, B
67 - discovered by Christian Philippsen for Garage Francorchamps
67 - Garage Francorchamps - Jacques Swaters, Brussels, B "67 J 59"
EF p30
C156 p45-53
"B.1166" Focus 96/5
80 - restoration started, repainted blue metallic/green metallic
89/apr/28-01 Mille Miglia Jacques Swaters / Christian Philippsen #126 MM89 p111 "FER-850"
89/may Spa Ferrari Days Luigi Chinetti
89/sep/09-10 Co-founders award Automobiles Classique à Bagatelle Jacques Swaters
90/jun/07 - sep/30 - displayed at L'Idea Ferrari, Forte di Belvedere, Firenze, I
92/sep/26 B&O Award FF40 International Ferrari Concours, Brussels Jacques Swaters
93/may/07-09 Ferrari Days, Spa Jacques Swaters
93/nov -94/apr - displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, USA
94/may/17 - jul/31 Design for Speed, Nationalgalerie Berlin Jacques Swaters
95/may/05-07 Spa Ferrari Days Jacques Swaters #2 C88 p41
96/jan/18-28 - displayed at Brussels Salon by Garage Francorchamps
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Jacques Swaters
06/oct/20-21 - displayed on Ecurie Francorchamps stand, Brussels Retro Festival
07/jun/24 3rd IC 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance, class 1 Jacques Swaters
12/may/25-27 FF60 Rally, Brussels to Spa-Francorchamps Florence Swaters C190 p32
12/may/26-27 Spa Classic Florence Swaters
12 - Clive Beecham, UK "166 JCG"
12/sep/07   Windsor Castle Concours d'Elegance Clive Beecham  
13/may Best of Show Lo Stile Mille Miglia Clive Beecham  
13/may/16-18 315th Mille Miglia Clive Beecham / Christos Vlahos #184
15/may/22-24 - Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este
- Trofeo BMW Group Italia
Concorso d´Eleganza Villa d´Este Clive Beecham    
2016/sep/22nd - Nov/20th - displayed at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino ... Celebrating Touring of Milan's 90th Birthday  
2016/... - RAC Pall Mall Club House Rotunda  
2017/April to November - displayed in the Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena  
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello      
2018/November to April - in Design Museum London, Ferrari under the skin exhibition  
18/may/15-18 315th Mille Miglia Clive Beecham / Ian Hassett #184




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