198 2000/feb/07
F1 2000
will be used as T-car
1 GP win
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
00 - SF
no time,
since it was dark,
air 10/15/11C
track 4/13/5C
sunny with light wind
Fiorano, 4 laps Michael Schumacher    
00/feb/10 1:01.26
air 11/13/9C
track 13/16/8C
Fiorano, 6 laps Michael Schumacher    
00/feb/10 1:01.311
air 11/13/9C
track 13/16/8C
Fiorano, 24 laps Rubens Barrichello    
00/feb/11 1.01.369
air 4/6/5C
track 3/8/0C
sunny with clouds
Fiorano, 6 laps Rubens Barrichello    
00/feb/12 1.00.880
air 4/11 C
track 8/13 C
sunny and cloudy
Fiorano, 82 laps Rubens Barrichello    
00/feb/13 1.00.310
air 5/13 C
track 8/16 C
Fiorano, 113 laps Luca Badoer    
00/feb/16 1.32.435,
air 9C
track 9C
intermittent heavy rain
Mugello, 35 laps Michael Schumacher    
00/feb/17 1.26.506
air 5/10/6C
track 5/15/12C
sunny and windy
Mugello, 59 laps Michael Schumacher    
00/feb/18 1.24.850
air 0/11/5C
track 0/15/6C
sunny with strong winds
Mugello, 56 laps Michael Schumacher    
00/feb/19 1.26.013
air 8/14C
track 9/20C
cloudy with a little sunshine
Mugello, 59 laps Rubens Barrichello    
00/feb/20 1.24.990
air 4/12C
track 2/16C
Mugello, 84 laps Rubens Barrichello    
00/mar/03 1.00.746
(one of the threecars driven)
air 12/15 C
track 12/20 C
Fiorano, 16 laps
shake down for Melbourne
Luca Badoer    
00/mar/11 3rd
air 33 C
track 45 C
qualifying, 9 laps
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/mar/25 3rd
air 20 C
track 23 C
Sao Paulo, 7 laps (total 12 laps)
continued in 198
after damaging 201 by running over the curbs,
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/mar/26 1st
71 laps
air 20 C
track 26 C
Brazilian Grand Prix,
Sao Paulo
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/apr/05 1'02.509
air 19/18 C
track 36/25 C
Fiorano, 5 laps
Imola T-car
Luca Badoer    
00/apr/09   Imola, spare car
only used in warm-up 1 lap
Michael Schumacher    
00/apr/11 1.02.816 dry
1.08.309 wet
air 12/10C
track 14/7C
rain, clouds then rain again
Fiorano, 53 laps Luca Badoer    
00/apr/12 1.02.469
air 12/15/20 C
track 9/16/28 C
damp to start
followed by sun and wind
Fiorano, 53 laps Luca Badoer    
00/apr/13 air 15 C
track 20 C
variable and windy
Vairano, 54 runs Luca Badoer    
00/apr/14 air 15 C
track 20 C
variable and windy
Vairano, 52 runs Luca Badoer    
00/may/02 1.02.478
(one of the threecars driven)
temperature 18/22 C
track 19/28 C
cloudy then variable
Fiorano, 6 laps
shake down for Barcelona T-car
Luca Badoer    
00/may/07 5th,
+ 47.983 s
air 23 C
track 36 C
Spanish Grand Prix,
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/may/27 1.01.676
air 20/27 C
track 22/42 C
Fiorano, 31 laps
shake down for Monte Carlo, Schumacher's race car
Luca Badoer  
00/jun/01 2nd
air 24/27 C
track 38/48 C
Monaco GP,
36 laps
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/jun/03 1st
air 27 C
track 48 C
Monaco GP,
12 laps
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/jun/04 dnf, broken exhaust
55 laps
air 27-29 C
track 40-44 C
Monaco GP Michael Schumacher #3  
00/jun/09 1.02.209
air 30/29/28 C
track 55/49/37 C
Fiorano, 9 laps
Canadian GP T-car
Luca Badoer    
00/jun/27 1.03.336
air 26/28C
track 50/55 C
sunny with a few clouds
Fiorano, 5 laps
French GP T-car
Luca Badoer    
00/jul/08 1.01.919
air 27/30 C
track 42/49 C
7 shake down laps with
Austrian GP T-car
Luca Badoer    
00/jul/16 dnf
turned around by Zonta, lap 1
air 18 C
track 29 C
Austrian GP,
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/jul/24 air 26/31C
track 43/46 C
Fiorano, 3 laps
4 laps on the short track
T-car for the German GP
Luca Badoer    
00/jul/29 2nd
air 23-22 C
track 29-26 C
German GP,
qualifying, 10 laps
Michael Schumacher #3  
00/aug/07 1.04.509
air 26/28 C
track 46/49 C
Fiorano, 2 laps
2 laps on the short track
MS T-car for the Hungarian GP
Luca Badoer    
00/sep/05 1.05.327s
air 22/25 C
track 44/46 C
Fiorano, 4 laps
2 laps on the short track
RB's race car for the Italian GP
Luca Badoer    
00/sep/15 1.02.232
air 17/25 C
track 18/35 C
Fiorano, 7 laps
MS T-car for the USA GP
Luca Badoer    
01/mar/01-11 - displayed at Auto Salon Geneva by Ferrari 
02 - Cars International Ltd. (Paul Osborn), UK
03/jul/23-24 10th Modena Track Days, Nuerburgring Paul Osborn
04 - Kevin Crowder, USA
08/may/18 - NS - RM's Maranello auction - estm.: €1.2-1.5mio, €800.000.-




This car was pivotal in the start of the F1 Clienti programme as it was the 1st privately owned modern Ferrari F1car to be used regularly for demonstration runs at official Ferrari events during 2002, 2003 & 2004 by Paul Osborn.  



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