155 94
412 T
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
94 - SF  
94/oct/16 8th GP of Europe at Jerez Jean Alesi    
94/nov/06 3rd of Japan at Suzuka Jean Alesi    
94/dec - on display at Bologna Motor Show  
95/oct/13-15 Tutte le Ferrari in Pista, Mugello Gerhard Berger (the last time ever for him to pilot an F1-Ferrari for the Factory!)
96 - Dr. Heinz Schumann, Berlin, D  
99/jul/01-04 Modena Motorsport F1 Meeting, Nuerburgring Dr. Heinz Schumann
00/sep/29-oct/01 Ferrari Racing Days, Hockenheim Dr. Heinz Schumann
02/sep/06-08 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Dr. Heinz Schumann
03/jul/23-24 10th Modena Track Days, Nuerburgring Dr. Heinz Schumann




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