145 93
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
93 - SF - no race history  
95 - given by Ferrari to a lottery of "La Stampa"  
95/may/08 - won by Giovanni Ferrua, Carmagnola, I  
9. - displayed in local Fiat dealership for a while  
9. - Modena Motorsport GmbH, Langenfeld, D  
96/jul/20-21 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Uwe Meissner
97/may/31 50 anni Ferrari Uwe Meissner
98/jul/01-02 Modena Motorsport Meeting, Nuerburgring Uwe Meissner
99/jul/01-04 Modena Motorsport F1 Meeting, Nuerburgring Uwe Meissner
00 - Klaus Zwaart, UK  
00/sep/29-oct/01 Ferrari Racing Days, Hockenheim Klaus Zwaart
01/jul/07-08 Italia a Zandvoort Klaus Zwaart

0. - Ian Wade, UK via Andrew Turner

07 - Modena Motorsport GmbH (Uwe Meissner) via Andrew Turner



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