90508 91
never raced
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
91 - Hans Holnburger, Miesbach, D   
9. - Walter Roehrl totally destroyed the car when he took it out for a ride near Regensburg, and so the car was rebuilt by Michelotto as an F40 CSAI. Actually, they only used the s/n, but ALL parts in the "second" #90508 were new
93 - built by Carozzeria Giuliano Michelotto, Padova, I to CSAI-GT specs  
00 - Martin Huff, D
00/aug - offered by Eberlein Automobile, Kassel, D for DM 590,000  
00/nov - Thomas Steinle, Lauingen, D - traded in 355 F1 Spider & 550 Maranello
0. - large rear wing fitted
0. - offered by Steinle in AMS for DM 750,000




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