6511GT 64/oct/..
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, S1,LHD

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65/... - Luigi Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA  
66/sep/19 - Daniel G. W. Del Rio, New York, NY, USA  
90/feb - Pennsylvania Motor Car, Philadelphia, PA, USA  
09/jul - Norwood Autocraft, Rockwell, TX, USA parted out  
11/apr - engine only by Lyle Tanner, TX  
12/may - shortend chassis for SWB replica offered by Norwood Autocraft, TX, USA  
15/oct/23 - Larry Wilson, FL  
17 - rebodied with allow body from Texas. 330 engine, 4-speed transmission, no overdrive. Finished by Evan Clary on behalf of Paul Russel & Company.   
21/may/26 - Mike Maples, Ross, CA, via Paul Russell & Company, MA. Required major corrections/overhauls.  
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