6313 65 sold 22/apr/65
Ferrari 250 LM, RHD
motore tipo 211, no. interno 166/LM
China red/panno blu
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - Ecurie Francorchamps, B (two wiper spindels)  
65 - repainted yellow
65/apr/25 dnf 1000km Monza Gustave Gosselin/
Jean Claude Franck
65/may/16 8th OA 4th IC 500km de Spa Jean Claude Franck #4 Delsaux p314
65/may/23 dnf 1000km Nuerburgring Langlois van Ophem/
#6 250LM p60
65/jun/19-20 2th OA 24h Le Mans Pierre Dumay/
Gustave Gosselin
#26 FaLM p81, 130         C29 p25     C127 p35 250LM p64, 65         Scarlet Passion p73 C131 p11
65/jul/03 dnf 12h Reims Pierre Dumay/
Gustave Gosselin
65/nov/28 11th Angola GP Langlois van Ophem #5  
.. - ............., F
73/apr - David Piper, GB
- at that time, Piper owned both, 6023 & 6313, and so at least engines were swapped
73 - from now on 6313 (two wiper spindels, rear damage due to tire blew) lived on as 6023, 6023 as 6313
7. - Dr. Hamilton Kelly, CA, USA via Tom Meade
7. - Harley Cluxton, Phoenix, AZ, USA
75/jan/16 - G.E. 'Bud' Keeney, USA - paid $25,000
76/jun/23 - Kimball McCloud, San Mariono, CA, USA  
80 - while dismantled due to restoration, McCloud discovered the right rear damage, this making clear that he owned 6313 instead of 6023
84/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Kimball McCloud
84/aug/25-26 Monterey Historic Races Kimball McCloud
85 - Richard Freshman, Las Vegas, NV, USA - Fossil Motorsport
90/feb - offered by Fossil Motorsport for $6,750,000.-  
90/jul - Fossil Motorsport 818-709-0694  
90/aug/13 - Boo Brasta, S - paid $5,3mio
90 - ..........., J paid $5.5mio  
91 - Art Sports, J
91 - Nakajima's Vintage, J
91/mar/31 - NS - World Vintage Car Tokyo auction - highbid $5,0mio  
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Vintage/Coys
92/aug - S - Coys auction - $1,707,750.- FOC 95 p31
96 - Prince Jeffrey - brother of Sultan of Brunei  
99/aug/29 - S - Christie's at Pebble Beach - $2,147,500.- incl. buyer's prem.  
99/aug/29 - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - asking $2.6mio  
00/feb - offered by SMC - red/black
00/mar - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK  
00/may - still offered by SMC
00/jul - offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK asking $2.?mio (as 6023)
00/aug - still offered by Duncan Hamilton, UK C124 p4
01/oct - still offered by Duncan Hamilton & Co. Ltd., UK, his time as 6313 C125 p12
01 - Juan Barazi, DK (UK)
02/apr Tour Auto Juan Barazi
02/aug/17-18 Shelsley Walsh Juan Barazi #219
02/sep/06-08 Goodwood Revival Meeting Juan Barazi #4
03/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Juan Barazi #26
04/jul/23-25 dns 2nd Le Mans Classic Juan Barazi/ Michael Vergers #35
05 - Carlos Monteverde, London, UK (BR)
05/jun/24-26 disq. Spa Ferrari Days, Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Cat. C Carlos Monteverde #90
06/jul/08-09 69th 3rd Le Mans Classic, Grid 4 Carlos Monteverde/ Gary Pearson #7
06/sep/01-03 4th OA Goodwood Revival Meeting, Whitsun Trophy Gary Perason #26 C156 p57
06/oct/20-21 - displayed on Ecurie Francorchamps stand, Brussels Retro Festival
07/aug/31-sep/02 Goodwood Revival Meeting Gary Pearson #26
08/apr/05-06 1st Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 1 Carlos Monteverde #96
08/apr/05-06 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Mugello, race 2 Gary Pearson #96
08/may/31-jun/01 dnf Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Paul Ricard, race 1 Carlos Monteverde #96
08/may/31-jun/01 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Paul Ricard, race 2 Carlos Monteverde #96
09/sep/18-20 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting, Whitsun Trophy Gary Pearson #26
10/jan/23 XIX. Cavallino Classic Carlos Monteverde
12/may/26-27 Spa Classic
13/oct/04-06 1st OA 10,000 Tours du Castellet, Nastro Rosso, race 1 Carlos Monteverde/ Gary Pearson #99  
13/oct/04-06 1st OA 10,000 Tours du Castellet, Nastro Rosso, race 2 Carlos Monteverde/ Gary Pearson #99  




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