5847GT 63
Ferrari 250 GT/L, LHD 
Steering lock (only Lusso), Ampheremeter instead of clock
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
64 - Auto Becker, Duesseldorf, D
67/oct/10 - Per Ingvar Brandström, S  C170 p47 
- Brandström had reserved a 330 GT 2+2 that was offered by Auto-Becker in Duesseldorf, but as the car had been accidentally sold, he bought this silver-coloured Lusso instead
.. - Sven Andersson, S   
.. - Peter Aschelik, Göteborg, S
.. - wrecked badly in Karlstad, Sweden  
.. - Tom Trana, S via Sven Andersson  
.. - repaired and overhauled  
.. - Rein Tomson, Göteborg, S "FHC 388"
78/feb - Jens Larsson, Mölnlycke, Göteborg, S  
78/aug/12-13 Oldtimer GP Nuerburgring Jens Larsson #30
83 acc. Prix Maritim, Lübeck Jens Larsson
.. - Gunnar Petterson, S who traded in his 365GT/4  
.. - repaired in Italy, painted giallo fly, black leather by Luppi  
93/sep/11 Ferrari Club France meeting, Dijon ?
96/jul/20-21 Ferrari Racing Days, Nuerburgring Ulf Borman
97 - still with Petterson  
99/may/18 - Dirk Libeert, B - Classic Motor Action  
99/oct/22-24 - displayed at Brussels Retro Festival
.. - Edgar J.G. Schermerhorn, NL  
0. - Willem Kroon, NL - yellow with Italian stripes
05/sep/03-04 6th International Concours d'Elegance, Paleis Het Loo Willem Kroon
08/aug/30-31 8th International Concours d'Elegance Paleis Het Loo Willem Kroon   C168 p26
08/sep/27 25 Anni degli Amici della Ferrari Club Nederland Willem Kroon/ Miranda Kroon


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